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40 Powerful Fill-In-The-Blank Blog Post Headline Templates

40 Blog Post Headline Templates

Hate writing headlines?

Found yourself staring at that “Enter title here” box when working on your blog posts?

Read on because this post will share 40 headlines you can simply fill in…

Lots of people have a hard time coming up with a good headline but the good news is you can learn how to use words to capture people’s attention and get more click-throughs.

Headlines are essentially promises and in order to get the reader’s attention you have to promise them something useful and interesting to them.

This is why it’s so important to write everything from the perspective of who you’re writing for, what their goals are, their dreams, fears, challenges, fantasies, etc. You have to take into account all of this when creating effective headlines.

In a general sense, people want money to live out their dreams, create loving relationships and be healthy so they can experience life fully. Health, wealth, wisdom/spirituality and relationships tend to grab our attention.

Here are 40 powerful fill-in-the-blank(s) headlines you can use as a template, plus examples provided (hypothetical and real life):

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“How To” Headlines

“How to” headlines are some of the most popular among bloggers because they tell the reader exactly what they’re going to find out from the post. Templates include:

1. How To _____
Example: How To Get 6-Pack Abs

2. How To _____ And _____
Example: How To Win Friends And Influence People

3. How To _____ In _____
Example: How To Open A Beer Bottle In 2 Seconds

4. How To _____ Even If _____
Example: How To Run Create A Blog From Scratch Even If You’re Just Starting Out

5. How To _____ Like _____ (famous person)
Example: How To Shoot Like Michael Jordan

6. How To _____ Without ____
Example: How To Lose The Belly Fat Without Yo-Yo Dieting

You can turn the “How To” and twist it to a more personal “How I” or “How (person)” achieved something.

Headline Templates

Checklist, List Post, or Step by Step Guide

If your readers don’t respond to the more complex type of headlines, or if they’re after simple material, then perhaps a simple template is what you need to keep them reading. Easy buttons offer simple solutions to common problems by offering tips, step by step guide, list, etc. Your readers will have an easy time processing the information. Here’s what to go with:

7. _____ Ways To ____
Example: 10 Ways To Travel Around The World For Less Than $50 A Day

8. _____Tricks/Tips To Help You ____
Example: 3 Tricks To Help You Become A Better Leader

9. _____ Shortcuts To ____ Success
Example: 5 Shortcuts To Public Speaking Success

10. Your Best Guide To ____
Example: Your Best Guide To Cheap Eats In San Francisco

11. Ultimate Solution To ____
Example: Ultimate Solution To Blogging Like A Pro

12. __ Steps To _______
Example: 7 Steps To Getting Cheap Cruises In The Bahamas

You can never go wrong with these styles of post.

Inspire Success

Do you sometimes wonder why other bloggers seem to get all the attention when your content is just as good – or better? You might be surprised to learn the trick.

Headlines are the first thing people see in your content and they use it to judge the quality or relevance of your posts. Use these templates to inspire success and drive results among your readers:

13. Use ____ To _____
Example: Use The Latest XPRO Widget To Become Instantly Famous

14. ____ Like ____ (fill in first blank with skill or simple action, and second blank with famous person)
Example: Bend It Like Beckham.

hmm…perhaps a better example? 🙂

How about this one: How To Present Like Steve Jobs

15. Why ____ Always _____
Example: Why Top Entrepreneurs Always Wake Up Before Anyone Else

16. #1 Guide To _____
Example: #1 Guide To Productivity Apps For Your Smartphone

17. Become _____ With ____
Example: Become More Attractive To Women With These 3 Body Language Tweaks

18. _____ You’ll Be _____
Example: Create Sweet Portuguese Tarts You’ll Be Proud Of
Alternate: Create Sweet Portuguese Tarts Your Family Will Love

19. Brand Yourself Like _____
Example: Brand Yourself Like Redbull

These templates are relatively easy to use, and they work for some of the most popular blogs so they should be able to work for you. Remember to fulfill what your headline promises.

Use a Warning To Grab The Reader’s Attention

Tabloids and magazines use this little trick all the time to get people reading their stories so why not use it yourself? Here are useful templates to work on:

20. The ____ Worst _____ Mistakes And What They’ll Cost You
Example: The 7 Worst Bookkeeping Mistakes And What They’ll Cost You

21. Avoid ____ When ____
Example: How To Avoid Looking Like A Clown When Putting On Makeup

22. What ____ Isn’t/Aren’t Telling You About ____
Example: What Your Mechanic Isn’t Telling You About Your Vehicle Service

23. ____ Biggest Problems With _____
Example: 3 Biggest Problems With Creating Videos Using ScreencamX Version 3

24. ____ Way To Avoid _____
Example: 10 Ways To Avoid Having A Dead Website

25. The Real Truth Behind _______
Example: The Real Truth Behind What Happened To Flight 123

26. Are You Making These __ _______Mistakes?
Example: Are You Making These 7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

27. ___ Warning Signs Of ____
Example: 4 Warning Signs Of Aging

28. ___ Mistakes In ______ You Should Avoid
Example: 10 Mistakes Roller Skating You Should Avoid

When used in a headline, you would probably end up with something like “10 Warning Signs That You’re Scaring Readers Away”, or, “The Real Truth Behind Hormone Replacement Therapy”. When properly outlined, this type of headline gets a lot of click-throughs so your job would be to ensure the content lives up to the headline.

Answers To Common Questions

All your readers have questions and they want you to offer them answers and solutions to their problems. Find out what they struggle with and create headlines that promise to solve the problems. Templates include:

29. Could You Be Making A Mistake When _____?
Example: Could You Be Making A Mistake When Doing Sit Ups?

30. Could This Be The Reason You’re Failing With _____?
Example: Could This Be The Reason You’re Failing With Getting #1 Rankings?

31. Do You Struggle With _____?
Example: Do You Struggle With Getting Things Done?

32. Revealed: __________
Example: Revealed: The Little-Known Secret To Ending Procrastination

33. Discover Secrets to _____
Example: Discover Secrets To Preventing Acne

34. Did You Know ______ ?
Example: Did You Know You Could Be Saving At Least $14.12 In Gas Per Week?

35. Proven Tips To _____
Example: Proven Tips To Eliminate Cold Sores Once And For All

36. If You’re Trying But Failing To _____, Try ____
Example: If You’re Trying But Failing To Make An Extra $1000 Per Month, Try This Strategy

37. Have You Wondered How (person) Always ______ ?
Example: Have You Wondered How Oprah Always Nails Every Interview?

38. What Few People Know About _____
Example: What Few People Know About Swinging Monkeys On Trees

39. You Can ____ In ____ With _____
Example: You Can Become Famous In 30 Days With YouTube Videos

40. What To Avoid When _____
Example: What To Avoid When Recording Videos With Your iPhone

Additional Tips

In order to make these headlines really stand out, consider the following:

  • Controversy or curiosity works. Have you spent some time browsing through a news website and seen how they use curiosity and controversy to keep you glued? Use that to your advantage. Some examples:
    • Using the word “This” – “This Little-Known Trick Will Increase Conversions”
    • Using the word “Here” – “Here Are 7 Ways To Feeling More Inspired”
    • Using questions – “Are You Making These 7 Deadly SEO Mistakes?”

  • Trigger words can boost the power of your headlines. Learn to use action words, descriptives and interjections.

  • Call out your readers. In the interest of making your headline stand out, don’t make it too general. Target your audience more specifically so the post is meaningful to them.

  • Numbers and specificity are good for the headline.

  • Nothing works ALL the time, so make the headline believable. Words like “almost” or “some” can be used in the headline to make the story more credible.

Want To Know The Secret To Writing Good Headlines?

The secret to writing good headlines is to write as many headlines as you can.

What I like to do is come up with at least 20 headlines. Aiming for this amount stimulates your creative juices. It forces you to think outside the box.

What I have found is that I normally end up with one of the last few headlines.

What you can also do is to read and dissect other headlines and then model what you think will work for your post.

One website I like to use to research on blog titles is by going to BuzzSumo.com. I simply love it! All you need to do is enter a keyword or URL and it’ll show you the top shared posts. I’ll go into more details with BuzzSumo on a future post.

So there you have it, follow this guide and your headlines will start to get the attention they deserve and as a result your posts will get more views. You may choose to experiment with different headlines and inject some personality in them if it blends well with the audience and the message.

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Here’s the download link to the PDF version of this post:


Over To You

Which headlines are your favorite?

Is there any in particular that you always use?

What types of headlines do you dislike?

Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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