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Hi there. My name’s Aurelius Tjin, and I’m from Sydney, Australia.

I’ve been an online entrepreneur since 2005 and I’ve created over 100 products and written dozens of blog posts to help entrepreneurs alike to get more results in their online business.

Away from work, I’m a fishing fanatic, tech nerd and fitness junkie. In 2011, I did a big trip for 4 months around Europe and Asia, all thanks to my online business.

What is Unstoppable Profits?

Building an online business is a lot of work.

The name Unstoppable Profits is a name I coined which means passive income — the ability to work when, where and how you want while still getting paid.

I share topics about mindset, entrepreneurship and online marketing.

Our mission, vision statements and core values are explained here.

How I Got Started

I’ve never worked in the corporate world, but I did have a job. My last job was at a supermarket working as a shelf filler. In fact, I worked in the same job for 7 years wondering if there was ever going to be a good ending.

I began researching online for ways to make some cash on the side and to hopefully make full-time living doing it. I stumbled upon a banner ad which was for a multi-level marketing business. Although I don’t do anything related to MLM anymore, I am grateful that I came across it because I had a mentor who taught me a lot about mindset and how to think more abundantly. It changed my life because prior to that, I was always taught to study hard so that I could get a good-paying job, but that changed after I made the decision to do something about my life.

I did have a skill to start off with, and that is Photoshop — self-taught and purely just a hobby. I began offering website design services to other businesses. I received lots of orders, but it was becoming more of a job.

I later began to find ways on how to make passive income online instead of exchanging my time for money. In essence, I wanted to be able to walk out of my desk and still have a business running.

I learned about a business model called “resell rights”. This is how I made my first dollar online selling an actual product, and gave me a true taste of the power of an automated online business.

Back in 2006, I hosted and launched a massive giveaway event where other online business owners contributed their product to members of my site. This resulted in an influx of sales and a number 507 Alexa.com website rank within 48 hours.

Moving forward, I’ve created several other sites and products. To name a few, I wrote an eBook called Just The Meat which received hundreds of positive feedback, and also co-founded ViralPLR, a membership where you get a brand new, resellable and rebrandable eBook every month.

Photos of my two month trip around Europe

What Others Are Saying

I get messages from readers and subscribers everyday. Here are just a few unsolicited testimonials and feedback left by readers of this blog:

“Thanks Aurelius! Your renewed focus on your blog content is so evident. Well done mate. There are great minds in Internet Marketing no doubt, but you’ve always added a bit more for me in the years I’ve follow you…authenticity. Lost virtue sometimes, but wanted to share the comment with you and your readers. AT is legend in my book and you can learn a ton from his journey. Solid.” — Will Irish

“I trust anything and everything Aurelius Tjin recommends or offers. You are one DEPENDABLE and RELIABLE internet marketer. I have 100% trust in you…kinda like family 🙂

Keep up the great work and I look forward to all your videos.” — Frank Rodriguez

“Beautifully written post that any person that wants to start to succeed online should follow. Simple and to the point for the overwhelmed entrepreneurs that are suffering from information overload. I’m going to go share this post on my Facebook profile now to make sure more people start paying attention to the powerful content you produce.” — Jump Start Jim

“Aurelius, awesome post – you pretty much laid out what anyone has to do from scratch to create a successful online presence. Of course the latest tricks, tips, and strategies will come and go; but what you laid out is a really solid foundaction!” – Brian Edmondson

“Aurelius, you’ve done it again! Awesome value and a great video. Just what I, and many others needed to get a strong business model going! Thanks.” – Thomas

“Aurelius, You have always produce quality content, independently of whether it was for sale or free; I had plenty of opportunities to enjoy both :). You are also one of the few Internet Marketers where I still stay on the list. I’m looking forward to meeting you “online” in your videos again.” — Andre W. Klein

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