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Freebie: Email Marketing MindMap

I just added a section called Freebies located in the Freebies section here. This is where I’ll be sharing free stuff such as mindmaps, content templates, graphical templates and more.

Yes, it’s all free! I value you as a reader and subscriber of mine, so this is my way of giving back.

For the first freebie, I’m giving away my Email Marketing MindMap which I heavily brainstormed for easy reference.

I love mindmaps, and it’s easier to comprehend (at least for me).

Email Marketing MindMap

Email marketing should be utilized in every business. Use this mindmap to help you fast-track your success with email marketing.

Email Marketing MindMapHere’s what this mindmap covers:

– Autoresponders – which one? Best time to email?
– Your landing page – copywriting, testing & tracking
– Your offer – types of offers, creating offers
– Getting subscribers – traffic, JV’s, social media

The PDF is 4 pages. It includes the mindmap (which takes up all your screen 🙂 ) and resources/links to accompany it.

Whether you’re starting or currently implementing email marketing in your business, hope this helps you.

So go head and download your copy. Oh and let me know what you think of this first freebie? Would love to hear from you.

Enjoy and make sure to look out for more freebies on this blog!

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  1. I’m just blown away by the obvious amount of work that’s gone into that mindmap! It’s a very useful guide, which I plan to print off so I can study it more closely. Thanks for all you do for your subscribers!

    1. Hi RJ. Thanks very much for your feedback! Yes, as I mentioned, I heavily brainstormed this one! You might need a big poster to be able to print it off! It’s quite large 🙂

      Anything for my subscribers!

  2. Hi Aurelius Tjin!
    I don’t have a personal blog.I don’t have skills about blogging.I think When I build mail list.Subscribers won’t beleive me and They will unsubscribe
    Can I succeed in build mail list without website or blog?

    1. Hi Minh. You need a page to build a list because you need to place your opt-in form on the page so people can subscribe.

      If you don’t want to host your own blog or install, you can use go to http://wordpress.com and sign up for a free blog.

      You don’t need skills to blog. You just need an interest in a topic and start posting tips, articles, how to’s, etc. Your blog is your space, so feel free to be yourself.

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