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Here’s Why You Should Invest $1 A Day On Facebook Ads

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Did you know on average 16% of your Facebook Page fans will ever see your status updates?

Sad but true.

The truth of the matter is, Facebook wants you to pay for your post to be seen by more of your fans and target audience.

It makes sense since most people who start pages own a business of some sort.

Instead of complaining, you can start using Facebook Ads to reach a heck of a lot more people. I’m talking about thousands more.

Look at it this way, most will not pay which leaves an empty gap for you to scoop up.

In this post, I’m going to share with you how to get started for as little as $1 a day. If you want to invest more, then by all means, go for it!

This method works particularly well for promoting blog posts and lead capture pages. You can read this post to see how I built a list from scratch using Facebook Ads.

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Why $1 A Day?

You and I are not big companies with big advertising budgets, so I understand that harnessing paid traffic may be quite limited for you, especially if you’re on a shoe-string budget.

For $1 a day, you can potentially reach about 400 people a day. That’s 12,000 people that you wouldn’t have otherwise reached.

You would pay hundreds if not thousands to reach that many if you were to pay for traditional advertising mediums.

Does Facebook Ads Really Work?

Before you jump into conclusions, you probably want to know whether Facebook Ads (in general) works? Well, take a look at results from an experiment I did for one of my Facebook status updates:

Before & After Using Facebook Ads

The left screenshot is a post that was not advertised using Facebook Ads which reached a whopping 108 people (boohoo) — definitely not life-changing.

The right screenshot with the awesome photo from the coast of Italy was advertised using Facebook Ads and reached 110,432 people with a decent amount of post engagements – 26 Likes, 2 comments and a surprising 24 shares.

That’s 100,000+ people I would not have reached otherwise!

Here’s another post that I advertised:

Another Facebook Post

The above was a more recent experiment where I was more wiser with my audience targeting and implement some new tricks that I had learned about Facebook Ads. It reached 14,848 people with a handful of likes and shares.

My Results From Investing $1 A Day In Facebook Ads

As I mentioned earlier in this post, for $1 a day, you can reach at least 400 people a day — that’s 12,000 people a month.

I want to show you another screenshot I took from my Facebook Ads campaign (click image to enlarge):

Facebook Post Engagements
The screenshot is a graph with results for the number of Post Engagements. Post engagements are anything related to post likes, shares, comments and also clicks to the URL promoted.

  • I started advertising for the first couple of days for $10 a day. You can see the big spike at the start.
  • I then paused the campaign (no particular reason).
  • I then decided to experiment with $5 a day for a few days. You can see the peak in the middle.
  • I then lowered the budget to just $1 a day.

At this present state, it’s still set to just $1 a day. It’s returning on average about 35 post engagements.

Here’s a screenshot I took showing results for today:


Reached: 482 people

Post Engagements: 27 (a little lower than usual)

Cost: $0.03 per post engagement

Again, that’s just from $1 a day.

What if your budget was $2 a day? You guessed it! You’ll double the amount.

I hope I’ve shown enough for you to start using Facebook Ads. If you’re convinced, I want to guide you on setting up the ads.

How To Create A Facebook Ad

Creating a Facebook Ad is quite straight forward, and I’m going to show you how I do it.

  1. Firstly, go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/create/ to go to the ad creation page. You’ll see a few ways you can advertise. Depending on your goal, you need to choose accordingly. I usually choose Page Post Engagement if you want to advertise a status update. Choose Page Post Engagement will help you get more users liking, sharing and also visiting the page you’re promoting.What Result
  2. Next, choose your Page then the status update you want to promote. You will need to have posted a status update to use the Page Post Engagement.Choose a Post
  3. Next, you will see a preview of your ad in Desktop, Mobile and Right column placements. I usually have all enabled to reach more users. However, there’s an option to remove the placement you don’t want.Ad Preview
  4. Now you’re going to choose some targeting options to hone in on the right audience. It’s all going to depend on your audience demographics. For my target audience location, most are from Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand. If you know the age group, you can also specify it. If you’re targeting a specific gender, make sure to also set that too. Audience Locations
  5. The next part is crucial. You’re going to enter in your audiences’ interests. What’s great about it is that you could specific very specific interests. For instance, I created a new campaign to promote an “Four Hour Workweek” type of blog post so I added “Tim Ferriss” and “Four Hour Workweek” as part of the interests. Facebook users who have shown interests in the items you specify will see your ad. In this example, I have chosen keywords related to private label rights/resell rights.Interests
  6. Scrolling further you’ll see Campaign and Advert Set. This is where you can set your campaign name, budget and when to run your ad. Going back to the $1 a day budget, you could set it to $1.00 and still get some decent engagement and traffic, as you saw from the screenshot at the beginning of this post. Of course, the bigger your budget, the more engagement you’re going to get in the end. I usually run the advert straight away unless I have some sort of special promotion going on.Bidding and BudgetIn addition, you want to set the maximum price you would pay per click/engagement. Facebook will automatically set it to ‘Automatically optimise your bid to get more clicks’, however, you will tend to end up paying more. On the plus side, usually if you do let it automatically optimise, your post will more likely reach more people, faster.
  7. Finally, review your order and place it. Your ad will get approved within a couple of minutes usually.

How To Boost Your Facebook Post

The next thing you can and actually should do is to boost your Facebook post using the Boost Post option.

As the name suggest, you are basically bumping up your post to appear higher above users’ News Feed. Remember, approximately 16% of your fans will ever see your post, so boosting your post is ideal.

With the Boost Post feature, you are paying one time, however, you can always add more to the budget.

You can target your audience or simply choose ‘People who like your Page and their friends’. Choosing the latter option might or might not be a good idea. For instance, your fans’ friends aren’t interested in what they are interested in, then it won’t be targeted and you would be wasting your advertising budget.

Boost Post

In Summary

Even though I wanted to focus on the $1 a day budget, I didn’t want to limit it to just that in case you want to invest more in Facebook Ads. You and I both know that the more you spend, the bigger the result.

Essentially, I wanted to give you a basic walkthrough to using Facebook Ads, especially if you’ve never used it before. I have only recently started using it but have gotten great results from it.

I am getting new readers and readers coming back to my blog to read more. I am getting my brand and name out there and establishing myself as an expert.

I hope this post has shed some light on using Facebook Ads in your marketing. With Facebook now “forcing” Page owners to pay for more reach, it’s almost essential to invest some money into it. Most would feel naturally turned off by it which is good news for you. Remember, for $1 a day, you can potentially reach 400+ people a day.

At this point, if you haven’t started using Facebook Ads, start today.

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Here’s the download link to the PDF version of this post:


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  2. Hi Aurelius,
    Interesting topic on Facebook Ads. Would to like check the below scenario.
    If I want to create a Facebook Ads for an affiliate products, which goal should I use and how do I go about in doing it? Must I create a Facebook Page for the affiliate product?

    1. Michael, I wouldn’t direct link to an affiliate product, I would setup an opt-in page to capture facebook leads then you can promote the aff product with a follow-up sequence.

      You don’t need to create a FB page for the aff product. You would create your own and simply use that.

      For Facebook list building, I recommend you take a look at my tutorial: http://www.unstoppableprofits.com/how-i-built-a-list-from-scratch-in-24-hours-using-facebook-ads

  3. great info my friend i used facebook ads last week, and yes you do find that you can reach a large audience. question do you have you ads vantage for sale to convert to my own, or other membership sites that relate to make or you know what i talking about. thanks again

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