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What tools do you need to create a web page? How do you track your visitors and clicks? How do you record video tutorials?

I created this page to share all the tools and resources I use on a daily basis to help you along your journey with an online business.

Although some of the resources listed are affiliate links where I earn a commission, everything I listed on this page have been tried, tested and used by myself. So I believe 100% in everything I recommend on this page.

I not only list the tools and resources, I also share my personal opinion about them. You’re not obligated to purchase or download any of these products, tools and resources in order to succeed. It’s simply for your information only.

I update this page as I find more useful tools and resources.

Creating Websites/Wordpress

OptimizePress – I recommended this WordPress Theme two years ago and I’ll keep recommending it because of one big reason – it’s awesome! I use OptimizePress to quickly and easily create landing pages. One example is at Unstoppable PLR. Using OptimizePress you can create landing pages, sales pages, squeeze pages, funnels, pre-launch pages and more. It was created by James Dyson, a pro designer, so when it comes to making your pages look amazing, he’s the guy to turn to. And what better way than to use OptimizePress. It also comes pre-built with page elements such as headlines, bullets and checkmarks, order boxes, testimonial boxes, order buttons and more. Anyway, enough said! Go here and then decide whether it’s for you.

OptinSkin – Have you ever wondered how to put an opt-in form under every blog post on your blog so that your readers can sign up to your newsletter? You could hire a programmer to do it for you but an easier and more simpler way is to use OptinSkin. It’s a WordPress plugin you simply upload. You choose which skin you’d like to use, paste in your autoresponder code and voila! You’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll. I use it to auto-rotate banner images for my products under every post.

Backing Up

DropBox – This is my life saving tool. If you don’t have Dropbox yet, you need it! It’s free for the first couple of gigs which is enough to store all your important documents, websites and photos you want to keep safe. With Dropbox, you can access your files from anywhere at anytime without access to your own computer. I personally have the $9.99 /month plan which gives me about 100GB of online storage. I love this tool. Get your free account here.

Copy – I have switched from using Dropbox to Copy due to the fact that Copy more free storage. Basically you get 15GB free but when you refer others, you’ll get 5GB as a bonus. Plus, unlike Dropbox, there’s no limit to the number of people you refer. It works exactly the same as Dropbox so I have no complaints.

BackBlaze – In addition to backing up your websites and blogs, you also want to take every step to back up files stored on your local hard drive. I once lost 6 months worth of work because I did not make any copies of my files. This included unreleased video tutorials, ebooks and important documents. I first heard about BackBlaze from Tim Ferris, Author of The 4-Hour Workweek. BackBlaze automatically syncs your files to their own server. So just in case your computer fails or hard drive dies, you’ll always be able to recover the files straight from your BackBlaze account. Recovering your files is easy using BackBlaze. I learned the hard way so don’t take backing up for granted. Seriously. The best part about it – it’s just $5 bucks /month for unlimited storage!

Social Media Management

HootSuite – This is a social media management web-based tool which allows you to manage multiple social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. A powerful feature is it’s scheduling tool which lets you schedule messages/updates to go out to all or selected social profiles. I have scheduled messages a month in advance. That’s how I can sit for dinner without constantly updating my social profiles and being anti-social. Everything’s automated. This is definitely a must-have tool if you have multiple Facebook Fan pages and Twitter accounts, too. It will save you from having to login to all the social sites just to post an update.

Testing And Tracking

Google Analytics – The essential tool to track your website. You can see statistics like the number of visits, page views, keywords, referrers and more.

Pretty Link – A WordPress plug-in to cloak/shorten links, track clicks and with the upgraded version you can replace specified keywords with links. If you often have a word like “Google” on your blog, it can automatically be replaced with www.google.com so that you don’t need to link it all the time. The free version can be downloaded here. The free version will only allow you to cloak and track your links but not replace keywords in your blog content.

Product Creation

ScreenFlow – This is a screen recording tool for Mac. I use this tool almost everyday to record and edit professional video tutorials for my subscribers and customers. If you’re on Windows, you can use Camtasia. Alternatively, there’s a neat little screen recording tool called Screen-O-Matic. It’s web-based so no need to install anything except the plug-in.

Jing – Have you ever wanted to show a tech staff that annoying error message that you see on your screen? Simply whip out Jing, use your mouse to highlight the error message, click upload and then you’re given a link. Give that link to the tech staff and you’re done. You can add arrows and texts to your Jing screenshots to make it clearer, too. I use this every day to illustrate anything I want to get across to team members, business partners and customers more clearly.


SeeGoal – I first created this web-based to-do tool to list down all my goals, projects and tasks. I then decided to make it available to the public. You can sign up for a free account. I’m constantly working with my developer to improve the functionality of the tool as users and myself use it more and more each day. My intention when getting this tool created was to make it as easy and simple to use. Besides, why make project management complicated? I have multiple lists created such as – Podcast topic ideas, blog posts topics, video tutorials to create, errands and more. Currently there’s no mobile version of SeeGoal but I definitely have plans to get it created.

Putler – The only analytics tool I know for PayPal. It updates me every time I receive a new sale. It shows me how much I made last month, the past 6 months, the past 12 months or what ever filter I want to set. It shows me who are my top paying customers. It shows me which products have made the most sales today, yesterday, this month, etc. I can also set monthly targets to reach. This little feature gives me a good reminder and accountability to make sure I reach my sales target. Definitely a must-have in your tool box.

LastPass – As the name suggest, it’s the last password you’ll ever need to remember. It’s a free plug-in. This plug-ins installs directly to your browser and remembers all your passwords. What I like about it is that you don’t need access to your own computer to retrieve your passwords. If I’m overseas and need login details for my banking, I just open up LastPass, and bam, there it is.


Call Recorder – This is a Mac app for recording Skype conversations. I Podcast and use Skype to call the person who I’m interviewing and Call Recorder automatically records the audio. If you’re using Windows, Pamela does the same job.

Libsyn – Online storage for your podcast audio files used by a lot of top podcasters. I use this service to upload all my episodes. It’s fast and reliable…sure beats hosting on my own server. You pay by the amount you upload each month, not by how much bandwidth you use. If you were to upload and host your podcasts to Amazin S3 as an example, you’d be paying not only for web space, but the bandwidth. Your bill can sky rocket if you get a ton of downloads. With Libsyn, you don’t need to worry about all that. Just pay for how much you upload each month. I upload 2-3 podcast audio files each month so I’m on the $15 /month plan.

Blubrry PowerPress – A WordPress plug-in which lets you embed an audio player on your posts for your podcasts. It’s a great companion with Libsyn. This is what I use for all my podcasts. It’s a free plug-in. You can download it here.

Audacity – An audio editing software. Some times your audios need an increase in volume which is where this tool comes in.

Web Hosting/Domain Registration

BlueHost – Great basic, shared web hosting for the starter. You get unlimited web space and bandwidth, free year domain registration, 1-Click WordPress installation tool and more. For $4.95 /month, you can’t go wrong. I use BlueHost to host some of my smaller sites.

Storm On Demand – I use these guys to host this blog and a lot of my other high traffic sites. I’ve tried and tested MANY web hosts and I’ve concluded that Storm is THE best. Not only because of its powerful servers, but their tech support staff, too. They understand your needs and respond quicker than a flash. What’s different about Storm On Demand is that their servers are cloud based, meaning you can scale up or down depending on your budget and how much server power you need. Have a big launch coming up? No worries, choose a more powerful server, click upgrade and you’re done. Minimal server downtime. If you need less power after your launch, scale back down and only pay for what you need. It’s that easy.

NameCheap – I only register my domains with NameCheap. I would not recommend any other domain registrar.