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When You Start To Pursue Your Dreams, These 12 Things Will Happen


Over the years I’ve learned many things as an entrepreneur. There’s the good and the bad but in essence, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

There are a few things that you should expect once you take the leap to pursue your dreams.

Whether you want to start a business or be a successful music artist, in the end you want to be happy doing exactly what you love.

Pursuing your own thing can be scary but at the same time, very rewarding.

When you start to pursue your dreams, these 12 things will happen:

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#1. You’ll realize how much wiser and resourceful you are.

Oftentimes, we tend to underestimate our abilities. That’s the main reason why we rely on motivational resources to inspire us. The truth is, we could become independent of external factors of motivation. We can even push ourselves harder– even beyond our limits. Never underestimate your abilities, you have a lot to share with the universe. You just got to realize that.

#2. You’ll learn how to get back up from a failure.

Failing sucks, but it’s inevitable and we must live with that. When you fail, you’ll learn why the sequence of things didn’t go as planned. Therefore, there are minimal chances of committing the same mistakes over and over again.

Never let your failures bring you down. Hence, focus on improving what has succeeded in the past rather than being discouraged from what has gone wrong. Failure will always be a part of the process, don’t be afraid to get lost every now and then.

#3. You’ll step out of your comfort zone.

A comfort zone is where creativity slowly dies. When you’re too comfortable, you’ll take fewer risks, and if you’re not taking risks, you’re not letting yourself grow. You wouldn’t learn.

As you take the leap, you’ll feel inspired to push the boundaries, gain new experiences, learn new skills, inspire others, and educate yourselves.

#4. You’ll start attracting the right people and resources.

The kind of relationship you have with others is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself.

As you start to pursue your dreams, the right people will arrive to lend you a hand in every aspect of your life. These people will support you, help you create a perfect home, and be there for you through thick and thin.

#5. You’ll become a great researcher.

There will be instances where you’ll only have limited knowledge about a certain topic, and it’s alright. Though, you must take the initiative to learn something about, and eventually master it. You’ll definitely be “Googling” and “YouTubing” tutorials and how to’s a lot more.

#6. You’ll become a more confident individual.

As you recognize your own potentials, you’ll become more confident with your own ability– and perhaps, build a better world.

Maybe you feel unsure of yourself, that you feel terrified to even start. As you pursue your dreams, these thoughts and feelings will start to melt. You’ll find yourself challenging the beliefs you formed years ago and prove to other people who used to undermine your abilities, that they’re wrong.

#7. You’ll be tempted to give up for something more secure.

There comes a time that you’ll eventually seek for a more comfortable life, something that is more secure, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The problem starts when you become too complacent and stop improving. This could become a productivity killer.

As you think about it, you’ll quickly realize that living your life, and pursuing your ambitions are more rewarding than having a false sense of security. There’s no turning back, don’t let this temptation stop you from attaining your goals. Keep going.

#8. You’ll learn how to be patient.

As you take this long and winding road, you’ll learn that the best customers, the best projects, and the best clients are all worth waiting for– even if it means facing rejections and trials during the process.

#9. You’ll realize how much you have to offer.

Never swallow your pride, you’re more than that. You’re not a rabbit that needs to chase a carrot. You have a whole life to chase. All you need to do is find your passion, and pursue that for the rest of your life. Try to craft your mastery, and become the best.

#10. You’ll feel like taking shortcuts, but don’t be tempted.

One pitfall you’re going to encounter as you chase your dreams would be the temptations to take shortcuts. These are the detours that will tempt you to cut the corners as you try to reach your goals. However, these shortcuts will just get you off the tracks. It could be the latest and greatest tool, app, service or whatever hype that’s out there. Fads tend to die out after a while. Don’t lose sight of your vision.

#11. You’ll be distracted.

There are a lot of reasons why a person gets distracted as he or she pursues his or her goals. In fact, the constant distractions in today’s world mean keeping focused could be quite difficult. Distraction from home, friends, work, socializing, events, and the list goes on.

Focus is the key. Come to think of it, an archer must focus on his target if he wants to hit the bullseye. Likewise, if you want to create something in your life, keep your focus.

#12. You’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

By the time you start seeing the results (even if it’s just a small achievement), you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner. You’ll even say to yourself, “Why did I wait so long? I never felt so invigorated in my entire life. The ups and downs are just part of this wild roller coaster ride and I’m glad I’m not a quitter.”

At the end of the day, everything is worth it. The last thing you want to regret is not at least trying.

Have fun in the process and enjoy what life brings you.

Over to you:

What experiences have you been through doing what you do?

What sort of challenges or positives have you gotten out of it so far?

What lessons would you tell another person who wants to do what you do?

Feel free to leave your comments below.

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  1. I’m starting again and again but fear holds me back all the time, thanks for helping me to understand that If I have to achieve my dreams then I have to be more confident and come out of the comfort zone too.

      1. Hi Robbinsh, I can relate to your fear, that’s for sure! I have to get to the step of emails and comments and finishing a book–every thing ‘in progress”. But those steps can be terrifying– a real commitment to a business and people that aren’t always nice.

        May I ask what your biggest fear is? Mine is to be visible and not be good enough.

        Last week I thought for the first time, what’s the worst that can happen? SO I fail? I love what Aurelius said about that!

        It didn’t take the fear away, but I am more focused on the steps. I think we take it so seriously. #1, #2 and #3 really hit home!

        Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  2. I have been an entrepreneur for 10 years and I can relate to each and every one of your bullet points. Yes, the stress can be overwhelming at times, but like you, I would not trade it for any money in the world. You need to keep pushing through the trenches even when you don’t see the fruit. It will come… Think positive, no you can achieve and the sky is the limit! Thank you for this great post. I have been following you for a while and enjoy reading your blog!! I recently started my own blog and would love to be online for a living. Moving forward with my dream. :):)

  3. What can I say you are the greatest, awosome one of a kind person I ever
    met ,I really enjoyed reading your blogs .I am learning from you but I am still very
    new to online business . I can’t quit there is a lot to learn and I am a believer .
    I know it will work for rme.Thanks so much.

    1. Thank you, Almaz 🙂 Keep believing and doing because it’s only a matter of time ’till you see something worth all that persistence.

  4. This was a great blog, it really put things into perspective!

    You conveyed how you understand those of us who haven’t started making money yet AND it gave a glimpse into the future—-as long as we stick with it. Thanks for the time on this!

  5. Great post Luis!

    What experiences have you been through doing what you do?

    There have been several in relation to work, commitment, network marketing, studies, bodybuilding… They are all the same whereby they all have their own unique set of obstacles. Persistence & Consistency is key to pushing through!

    What sort of challenges or positives have you gotten out of it so far?

    Some challenges have been physical whereby it has affected my state of mind, lacking motivation and inspiration in some areas have been a result of that. The positives though is you get a chance to stop what you’re doing, take a step back, check for mistakes or improper form & implement them.

    What lessons would you tell another person who wants to do what you do?

    Don’t give up! sure there may be times when obstacles are thrown at you unexpectedly and you’re so close to giving up, but you have to persevere and push on. You just don’t know how close you were to success and looking at what history has taught us it’s often the most fought after hardships that will succeed the most!

    Others may be lucky from the get go but it’s also the journey & experience that determines how you feel when you arrive at the destination!

    1. Woh! Great, powerful thoughts My Franz! You definitely learn from past experiences, but you only start learning by actually giving it a go.

      I gotta keep this quote handy: “Others may be lucky from the get go but it’s also the journey & experience that determines how you feel when you arrive at the destination!”

      Thanks for leaving your comment.

  6. Aurelius, I found this post so good that I’m sending it to a friend that’s taking the same path. We can relate to every single point. Thanks a lot for writing this.

  7. This blog hits home. I am just starting my online business and know there will be challenges alone the way. Thanks for this blog.

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