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Your 7 Step Action Plan For More Online Profits, Laid Out

 7 Step Action Plan For More Online Profits

The biggest problem is not because you don’t have enough information or resources, but it’s the “taking action” part that seems the hardest.

You’ve heard that “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”, and that’s exactly it. The first step is the hardest. Once you get the ball rolling, you’ll build momentum, and even those tiny achievements you make will have a big impact towards your business.

I’m sharing this 7 step action plan for more profits with you so that you can begin to improve your online business one step at a time. I know running an online business gets overwhelming at times, so I’ve chunked it down into steps to make it more realistic for you to do.

These methods of improving your business can be done in any type of business, and I encourage you to start on it right now.

You’ll find 3,275 words of valuable and actionable information in this post. So I hope you pick up a few nuggets if not all.

Let’s begin.

Step 1: Get More Visitors

Every website owner wants more traffic. Traffic is the key ingredient to producing leads and sales. This is the essential step you need for more profit.

I made this the first step because traffic is crucial. Some of the other steps fall into this step because they are methods of generating traffic, but I dedicated an individual step for those because I’ve had great success using those methods.

There are two ways you can get more visitors. There’s the free way and paid way. Let’s first go over the free ways on how you can generate traffic:

  1. Free Traffic Methods:

    1. Search engine optimization or also known as SEO. This is the process of optimizing your site, pages and/or articles for search engines. You could learn all this yourself or you could outsource the SEO tasks. I know, it kind of falls under a paid traffic method, but you definitely can do the SEO yourself.  I recommend SEOBook.com if you want to learn SEO. It’s a good starting place. As for outsourcing SEO, I use oDesk.com, a freelance site, to find SEO specialists who will analyze your site and determine the best keywords/phrases to use. He/she will also help your site or page rank better on the search engines. Who wouldn’t want free, organic traffic?

    2. Create amazing content. This is by far the best traffic method you can do. Nothing beats valuable content. If you’re genuinely sharing good stuff to the community, they’ll follow and trust you. Create and share your videos, tips, case studies, audios, reports, and so on. Most Internet marketers make the mistake of just trying to sell, sell, sell. Yes, it’s so tempting to sell to your prospects once they’re on your database, just make sure you balance some valuable content. Establishing a good relationship from the start is key to gaining trust. Word of mouth marketing is powerful, and that’s exactly how you get the word out — by creating and sharing amazing content.

    3. Harness the power of social media. It’s not the place to sell, but it’s definitely the place where you can connect and build relationships with your subscribers. You’ll instantly build credibility and trust. Create a page for your website and start posting. Don’t know what to post? Here are a few ideas – resources, tips, quotes, articles and videos you find useful. In addition, it’s okay to be personal. In fact, it’s a good way to show your crowd that you’re a real person on the other end by sharing your own stories and experiences. You don’t just want to be a robot. Try and relate a story into the context.

    4. Join and participate on forums in your niche. I had to include this method because a good chunk of my traffic comes from the Warrior Forum, an Internet marketing forum. There are forums in almost every niche you can think about – from knitting to outer space, you name it. Simply search for “niche + forum” (replace “niche” with your niche) on Google and you’ll find related forums. Post often but always post valuable information. You don’t always have to respond to threads. You could even ask questions. The main idea is to establish yourself in the group and be recognized as the go to person.

  2. Paid Traffic Methods:

    Honestly, I hardly pay for traffic. Most of my traffic comes naturally from search engines, social media, repeat visitors and just word of mouth. But to get you started, here are a few methods you should give a try if you have some advertising and promoting budget.
    1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. Essentially, you can pay for traffic in the form of clicks. The two places you definitely want to use is Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Setup some campaigns, but start small first. It’s easy to blow a lot of money on PPC. It’s important to test and track your copy such as the headlines and message you use in your ads. Find the winners, eliminate the losers.

    2. Solo Ads. You can purchase solo ads from list owners. The process works like this. You find a list owner, purchase, submit the message you want sent out to the list owner, the list owner will schedule it and send it out to his/her database of subscribers, you generate visitors in return. Typically, solo ads are charged by the number of clicks you’d like. A couple of good places to start is Safe Swaps and Directory of Ezines. These two sites are mainly targeted to the Internet marketing and home business niche.

    3. There’s a website called Buy Sell Ads where you can browse through sites where they’re offering advertising space. The fees aren’t cheap, but if you’re looking for targeted traffic, this is a great way. You’ll definitely get lots of clicks, but conversion rates tend to be lower from my experience. As with any other paid advertising method, I would recommend you start small to test out the type of traffic that comes through.

Step 2: Start a Blog

A lot of my subscribers, friends and even family ask me what is the best way to make money online. I can’t say there is a best way but there definitely is a good way to start out, and that is to start your own blog around your favorite hobby or passion. You don’t even need to be an expert in your subject. You just need to have an interest in it. The reason why blogging is so powerful is because it’s a way to share your voice and opinion on your subject. You can potentially reach thousands of readers from around the world who read your messages.

I started my AureliusTjin.com blog back in 2006 and since then, I’ve gained thousands more subscribers from the blog posts I wrote. In fact, most of my traffic comes from search engines such as Google. On top of that, a few blog posts of mine are on the top 10 of Google. If you search for “opt in page”, I’m #3 (was #1 for a while) just under Wikipedia. That post alone has made me over $3,000 in affiliate commissions so far by simply showing people how to create an opt in page and recommending a tool to create opt in pages. By the way, the post is here if you want to see it.

If you don’t have a blog yet, I urge you to start one now. Don’t worry too much about the design and tech stuff too much, because that’s most likely going to hold you back just as it did when I started my blog. Most reputable web hosting companies like BlueHost have a 1-click blog install built-in so you can start blogging right away. So there’s no excuse why you can’t get a blog up.

My favorite types of posts and ones that get the most reaction is when I share how I do things. For example, in this post here I shared 16 tools I use to run my business from anywhere. People want to see how you approach and do things. It’s kind of like modelling. If you’re starting out, just get into the habit of posting.

Try and mix around the content format types as well. You don’t just want to post articles, it’s also good to post videos too. Some people comprehend better from videos and some from reading. So it’s a good idea to combine both where possible.

With blogging, most people have an idea, get excited, start a blog, post a few articles and stop because they’re not seeing any results. You can’t be successful overnight from blogging. Blogging is a long-term strategy that requires consistency. But the main thing is to make sure you start now rather than later. It’s one of those things where you tell yourself “I had that idea a long time ago. I should’ve done it but didn’t.”

Step 3: Create A Short 7-15 Page Free Report

With this step, what you want to do is write a short 7-15 page report on your topic and use it as an incentive for visitors to opt in to your newsletter. You’ve probably heard enough times on the importance of building your own list, so this is the step you should take.

All you need is a short yet valuable 7-15 page report that fills a need. For example, if you’re in the fitness niche, more specifically “how to get a six pack” niche, write a 7-15 page report on how to achieve it.

It’s best said by a long-time teacher and mentor of mine, Jimmy D. Brown – “Make it useful but incomplete”. That one line says it all.

Next, get an eCover designed for $5 from Fiverr. Want to know who I use? Check this Fiverr gig out. He makes awesome, professional eCovers. You’ll thank me after you get your eCover designed.

Once you have your report and eCover ready, you need a page where people can go to so that they can sign up to receive your free report. I can’t recommend OptimizePress enough because it’s not just a quick & easy way to setup your pages but they look freakin’ awesome! All you need is an existing WordPress installation and you simply upload OptimizePress.

You’ll also need an autoresponder service so you can manage your list of subscribers and broadcast newsletters to them. I use AWeber for that.

The next step is a golden tip which most Internet marketer miss out on. The tip is to add/pre-load messages to your autoresponder sequence. AWeber allows you to pre-load messages ahead of time so it’ll go out based on which days you want the emails to go out to your subscribers.

Most people build a list of subscribers and after a few days, their subscribers forget about them. The way to overcome this problem is to make sure you stay in touch with them, and you do that by adding messages to your sequence.

I have mine setup like this:

  • Message 1: Goes out right away after the subscriber opts in.
  • Message 2: Goes out a day after.
  • Message 3: Goes out 3 days later.
  • Message 4: Goes out 5 days later.
  • Message 5: Goes out 7 days later.
  • Future messages go out once a week.

You don’t want “pitch” messages all the time. What you want to do is build a relationship with your subscribers, so be personal. Tell them about yourself. Share your tips. With so much clutter in the web space, you want to make sure you’re not just another Joe Blow.

Step 4: Add An Affiliate Program

A sure-fire way to increase your profits is to allow people to promote your product where they can earn a commission out of the sale. The easiest and fastest way to add your own referral/affiliate program is on Clickbank. All you need is a seller account which normally cost about $50. Affiliates can freely promote your product using their own referral link, which Clickbank takes care of. Clickbank also takes care of paying your affiliates so you don’t have to. A typical commission rate is 50% for digital products, so make sure you set your commission rate to at least 50% to attract affiliates.

These days I’m using JVZoo to sell my products. It’s got all your digital product fulfillment functions.

Some marketers rely heavily on their affiliates to make sales. As much as 80% of the sales for a few products I know of are produced by affiliates.

Once you have an affiliate program integrated, it’s also just as important to provide the proper promotional tools for your affiliates to access and use. Provide your affiliates with banner ads in all sizes. Also provide email swipes/templates which they can copy and paste and email out to their subscribers.

You want to make it as easy as possible for your affiliates to promote your product. Don’t make them jump through hoops.

Another worthy idea is to create a dedicated newsletter just for affiliates. You’ll be able to provide training so they can learn how to promote your product.

Step 5: Create & Post Videos

No doubt, videos have played a huge role in my business which is why I highly recommend you do this step. I know, I know…recording videos might not be your thing or might sound quite daunting.

I was very nervous and embarrassed about it at the start, but overtime, with lots of practice, I got the hang of it. To add a bit of humour, watch the video below :). It’s one of the very first videos I ever recorded back in 2006 where I’m talking about taking action.

I haven’t watched it in years, and when I look at it now, I can only laugh 🙂 LOL. You can tell how imperfect the video is. So I hope you see my point. It doesn’t need to be a Hollywood production, and you certainly don’t need to be a professional public speaker to make your own videos.

Alright, enough about my embarrassing video….on to the meat. There are different types and styles of videos you can make.

  1. You can record yourself.
  2. You can record your screen.

A video of yourself will always add a personal touch to it, but the only problem is that you can’t illustrate or demonstrate something on screen which is where the screen video tutorial style comes along. I use ScreenFlow (a Mac program) to record my screen. For Windows users, you can use Camtasia Studio.

I normally plan out and sometimes even write a script for what I’m about to say on the video. It always helps. You don’t want to have to think and pause too much.

I upload all my videos on YouTube since it’s the #1 video site in the world. I don’t really bother with other sites, but if you want to diversify your channels, you can do so.

I also make sure I enter relevant keywords/phrases on the title and description of my YouTube videos. It’s also a good idea to include your URL in the description of your videos, making sure you add ‘http://’ before the URL to make it clickable.

Step 6: Test & Track

With everything that’s been said so far, you want to make sure all your efforts are being paid off. But how do you know what works and what doesn’t? You don’t. You need to test and track to see.

Say you have an eBook for sale. If an element on your page, such as your headline, converts at just 2% better against another headline, then that means you’re getting 2 extra sales for every 100 visitors that land on your page. That’s surely an improvement, and only thanks to testing and tracking.

Here’s what you need to start tracking:

Google Analytics – You install it once and it will track how many visitors, geographical location of your visitors, how they got to your page and more juicy details. You can also run split-tests by setting “goals”.

Visual Website Optimizer (optional) – Run A/B split tests and view heatmaps to see what your viewers are looking at on your page and what they’re clicking on so you can determine where to place certain elements of your page. Unlike Google Analytics, it does come with a price, but is well worth every cent.

Testing and tracking is definitely a must-do. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars and later only guess whether something worked or not.

Step 7: Build Relationships

Yes, I mentioned this enough times already, but I can’t stress enough on the importance of building relationships.

You want to build relationships with your subscribers, other people doing the same thing as you, partners and even competitors.

A good way to build relationships with your subscribers/followers is to get them to interact on your blog (another good reason why you should have a blog). At the end of every post, ask your readers a question or get them to tell you their opinion on the subject. I find that if I don’t do this, I get less people leaving comments/responses. It’s kind of like a call-to-action. You need to tell them what to do in the end.
It’s also a good idea to make sure you respond to any comments left on your blog. Your readers want to know that you’re not just posting, but also active and there to respond to any of their questions.

In addition to responding to your own blog comments, comment on other blogs too. It’s a good way for the site owner to get to know who you are and that you’re a loyal follower which could lead into bigger things.

Another great way to build relationships is to post status updates on your Facebook page or profile. Again, people want to see that you’re active and consistent in what you do. Your updates could be as simple as a quick question or even a quick tip. I once posted a few samples of a logo I had designed from a logo designer and needed an opinion. I figured, “why not post it on Facebook?”. And so I did. I received dozens of responses which was awesome because it was in real-time and I got feedback straight from those who were going to see the logo anyway. An “interactive” type of post always works well.

One important rule is to always be yourself, whether you’re blogging or recording a video. People come for you, not because you have a fancy website.


I think this might be the longest blog post I have written… it’s 3,275 words to be exact. When I write, I don’t stop until I have said what I needed to say.

Changing just one person’s life is amazing. Changing dozens is an even more rewarding feeling. I get that feeling every time someone thanks me posting, or emails me personally to tell me how much I’ve helped them.

So just to summarize the 7 step action plan you can do for more profits:

  • Step 1) Get more visitors
  • Step 2) Start a blog
  • Step 3) Create a short 7-15 page giveaway report
  • Step 4) Add an affiliate program
  • Step 5) Create & post videos
  • Step 6) Test & Track
  • Step 7) Build Relationships

For a list of other resources, tips and methods that you could use together with these steps, I’d recommend you download my Email Marketing MindMap.

As funny as the 2006 video (mentioned in Step 5) is, what I clearly did say was “information is useless unless you take action!”

So make the move and start on this today.

I hope you found this post valuable, even if you knew some of these methods, I hope you got at least one “a-ha” moment.

Feel free to comment or say “Hi” to me in the box below. As always, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Good stuff. I agree with you about Optimize Press. I’ve started using it recently and it is awesome. It makes great squeeze pages and sales pages. Thanks for the good info.

    1. Hi Barry. Yes, OptimizePress is a must-have tool or theme for any online marketer. Thanks for dropping by and leaving your comment.

  2. Hi Aurelius,

    Great ideas Aurelius, I always enjoy your emails you always provide step by step information. I’ll be using your ideas, have a great day.



  3. Beautifully written post that any person that wants to start to succeed online should follow. Simple and to the point for the overwhelmed entrepreneurs that are suffering from information overload.

    I’m going to go share this post on my Facebook profile now to make sure more people start paying attention to the powerful content you produce.

    Thanks Aurelius.

  4. Nice post Aurelius. Thanks, I think a lot of people will get more clarity out of this. I really like your point of providing value first because I do see a lot of beginners jumping online and trying to sell, sell, sell.. and they do it lousily… so really good tips and advice here to follow.


    1. Hey Stu! Yes, it all begins at the start. Subscribers judge you quickly, and if they sense that you’re just out there to take their money, then they’re gonna unsubscribe. It’s a long-term strategy to do that anyway.

  5. This was a great post. It does an excellent job of laying out the basics of succeeding online. And a person doesn’t really need much more than that. There is a lot of information out there and it is easy to get overloaded and never get anywhere. You really hit the nail on the head with the first couple of lines. I’ve spent years reading and learning this and that but never really actually did much of anything. As soon as I started just doing, things started to happen for me. It may not be perfect but I got started somewhere. Now that I have gotten started doing something, and building momentum – I see great things ahead of me. Your post was very encouraging because it showed me I am on the right track. Thanks

    PS: Sent it to my Twitter followers too. Maybe it will inspire someone else too.

    1. Hi Shane. Yes, I wrote this post to make it easier and more actionable for those who want to find more ways of growing their business.

      It’s good to hear you’ve taken action and seeing results. That’s the main thing.

      I appreciate you sharing this post with your followers. It means a lot to me!

  6. Aurelius,

    Awesome post – you pretty much laid out what anyone has to do from scratch to create a successful online presence. Of course the latest tricks, tips, and strategies will come and go; but what you laid out is a really solid foundation!


  7. Hi Aurelius,

    I thought you were from overseas because of your association with Martin Bigler; I am also from Sydney.

    The information you provided in this blog is very useful especially for me who is trying to understand what internet marketing is all about. I also read your About Me page and found it very inspiring and hope one day I can write something similar about myself.

    As a newbie, I’ve been trying to find an easy to use software that can create a salespage, Optin form, download and thank you pages etc. You mentioned Optimise Press. though, it’s a bit expensive – can it perform all these tasks and easy to use? What do you think of Instabuilder? I saw somewhere that a new version of Optimise Press will be released soon; is it still worth getting the current version?

    Cheers Shane

    1. Hi Shane. Firstly, thanks for your feedback. I’m not familiar with Martin Bigler. And yes, I’m from Sydney 🙂 It is good to see another Aussie!

      Yes, I do recommend OptimizePress because you don’t need to know HTML or programming. You simply install it to your WordPress installation and active it.

      There’s video tutorials for every step of the installation process once you’ve purchased it.

      I will in the future do a video tutorial and review on OptimizePress.

      I’ve never tried Instabuilder, so I can’t comment on that.

      Yes, there will be a new version coming out. I don’t quite know what changes will be made.

      I know the price is a little steep. It is just a one off payment and you can install it on as many domains as you want.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

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