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21 Amazing Social Media Stats, Facts & Figures (Infograph)

Social media makes the world one place. It’s a medium that’s exponentially used by more and more people.

But what are the social media stats and figures?

Well check this out:

Did you know that 5,000,000 photos are uploaded on Instagram every single day?

Did you also know every second, two new members sign up to LinkedIn? Yep, that’s 120 new members every single minute. What would you do with 120 new members to your site?

Crazy huh?

I’m here to bring you 21 amazing social media stats, facts and figures I found out – all presented in an infograph.

Here it is:

Social Media Facts Infograph

So what do you think about these social media stats, facts and figures?

Are some of the numbers mind boggling? How much growth has their been since the early days of the Internet? It’s amazing how far technology has gone, don’t you think?

Feel free to share this infograph with your friends and colleagues. I’m sure they’ll be amazed.

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  1. Wonderful infographic. The graphic design is top class with all the needed clarity for easy reading. You’ve done a real professional infographic.


  2. love your infograph … so much easier to grasp the info than reading it in normal text … did not know how popular linked in was or how women rather than men like pinterest … good job!!!

  3. Aurelius,

    Thanks for the snapshot of social media use

    It is enlightening to view these numbers and ask
    oneself as a marketer,

    “How are we using or not using social media?
    What opportunities are we missing?
    What specific action steps should we be implementing”


  4. Hi Aurelius, You did a great job constructing this beautiful infographic. There are very useful stats here. I am a bit surprised to see Google+ is not considered top 5 social media by adults though. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you Susan. Yes, though Google+ is getting more and more popular. People just need to be exposed to it, just like Facebook.

  5. Hi Aurelius,

    I really like your infographic excellent work :).

    Please forgive me for this but is there any reason why you didnt mention what percentage the age group of 20-29 year olds use social media?

    You went to 30-49 after you did 18-19 year olds?

    Surely 20-29 year old data should be mentioned as it is a key age group for social media involvement?

    Once again im sorry if i’ve misunderstood the infographic.

    Great work.

    Thanks for sharing this useful information.

    1. Thanks for spotting that. I think it’s an error in our part. My designer must’ve forgot to put it. Appreciate your comment

  6. Hi Aurelius,
    Hi Aurelius,

    Do you have more information on creating these? I only just heard about them but am VERY fuzzy on the logistics. Any info would be appreciated. IS there a software?

    Great job, very compelling. WE could create something like this for a blog or an email or even for an ebook?
    Do they take up a lot of space?

    For example, I have heard that kindle doesnt tolerate images to well. They take up so much space that will charge you to upload your book. But I think this would be great in paid ebooks.

    I am presently working on some ebooks for that purpose. Thanks much! Mary

    1. Hi Mary. You can easily outsource infographics from places like odesk.com and other freelance sites. It should cost about $50.

      I would not recommend to use them in an ebook as it’s quite large.

      It’s better to just share it on your blog and especially to Pintrest. It’ll attract a lot of social traffic because of its virality.

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