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5 Key List Building Strategies And Applying The 80/20 Principle

List Building Strategies 2015

I’ve seen the power of building a list and audience, and over the years I’ve built it to 23,000+ subscribers, half of which are customers. This year I’ll be ramping it up even more.

I’ll be applying the 80/20 principle in all aspects of my business, and I’m definitely going to be applying it in list building. To give you an example of how it works:

20% of your list/subscribers makes up 80% of your sales.

Increase the size of your list and that 20% will result in more sales.

Here’s some major strategies I’ll be putting in place this year (and beyond) and what I also recommend you put into action. It’s nothing new, but if you focus on the following, you’ll build your list faster:

1. Buying solo ads from trusted sources.

There are pitfalls you need to avoid such as buying from solo ad marketplaces and sellers who simply have lists that are burned out. It’s best to buy directly from a list owner who’s attracting the audience you would like to have.

Search for “solo ads” on Facebook to find some Facebook groups where list owners hang out. This is very effective especially in the Internet marketing and make money online niche.

2. Facebook Ads

Write high-converting ads, offer a valuable “lead magnet” and have an opt-in page that converts.

Almost everyone is on Facebook, so why not go where your audience is?

View my tutorial to see how to build a list from Facebook Ads: http://www.unstoppableprofits.com/how-i-built-a-list-from-scratch-in-24-hours-using-facebook-ads

3. Product launches to build a customer list.

Offer 100% commission on your front-end to attract affiliates to promote your offer. It may sound crazy to some but you’re always going to benefit by making money from your backend offers.

You’ll see me launch more products this year, from video courses to PLR products.

4. Building a close bond with key JV partners.

This goes hand-in-hand with #3. I had done this in the past but made the mistake of neglecting this important part of the business. I believe in the law of reciprocity and the key to successful joint-ventures is by not only helping them but also to see them as strategic partners rather than competitors.

Connect with them on Facebook and Skype and build a genuine relationship with them. It’s okay to simply socialize and mock around sometimes. Besides, we all need to take a little break.

5. Blog content

More specially “top lists” and viral style posts to attract traffic from social media. You’ve seen it everywhere – “Top 10 Lessons I Learned About Being An Entrepreneur”, “5 Rules of Starting A Home Business”, and such. These types of post gets shared.

Some examples:

And of course, this post that you’re reading now!

Haven’t Started? Start Now

I’d say if you haven’t started building a list yet, start now. If you want to think long-term and do this for many more years to come, don’t waste a day.

It’s simple to start – get an autoresponder, create a lead magnet, setup an opt-in page, drive some traffic.

If you need any advice with any of this, I’m here to help.

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  1. Hey Aurelius:

    A question that has been lingering in my mind since making list building part of my 2015 strategy plan – how many subscribers should I put as a reasonable goal for 2015. In other words for someone who has minimal experience in attracting subscribers, is it reasonable to think a person could build a list of 1,000 or 10,000 subscribers for their first year?

    For myself I don’t know if I should think 5,000 would be reasonable for 2015 – I don’t want to set an unreasonable figure and feel like a failure if I don’t get close or not shooting high enough either.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this one – thanks in advance Aurelius.

    1. Hey Carl.

      Aim for a number that’s above what you think is realistic. I find that when I do that, you’ll end up at least getting close to that goal since you’ve conditioned your mind to hit that target.

      1000 to 10000 subscribers in someone’s first year is highly achievable. Set a one year goal then break it down by monthly then weekly. It makes it a lot easier when it’s in bite-sized pieces, plus it’ll give you time on a weekly basis to review what’s working and then make adjustments should you need to.

      Record on a spreadsheet what marketing channels you used then review it each week to see where your subscribers joined from. Categorize like social media, facebook ads, twitter, youtube, forum XYZ, etc. So tracking is definitely a must, otherwise you’re steering blindly and will end up wasting time and money.

      Once you know what works, find the 20% that delivers 80-% of your subscriptions and focus on that 20%.

      Everyone’s got a “ceiling” that they hit, and it’s about breaking away that ceiling to reach your goals, in other words, get out of that comfort level so that you can reach the next milestone.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Hey Aurelius – that make great sense and is very helpful. I will revamp my goals in this particular area and break it down to a weekly figure.

        Tracking will be my first priority so I can keep an eye to make sure I am continuing in the right direction.

        Thanks again Aurelius.

  2. I am not a blogger but I am a recent entrepreneur in education industry. Currently we are planning to start online courses and want to market to our target audiences. To market anything online we need a good list of target customers and we started building this from the day one of this year. These tips are really helpful and valuable for us. Will follow them and will build a list which can be targeted to sale our various online courses.
    Thanks for sharing these tips.

  3. Hi,
    If you can, with your Facebook campaigns, try to keep your links within Facebook. This means adding a tab with your squeeze page on for your ad to link to. It keeps the cost per ad down because people are staying on Facebook’s favourite site… Facebook!

    Hope this little extra tip helps your readers.


    Steven Lucas

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