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100th PLR Product Celebration!

It’s been a wild ride running this online business. All those nights burning the midnight oil researching and creating new products was well worth it.

I’ve been running my PLR (private label right) business since 2006 and have sold thousands of copies.

I’m excited to announce that I’ve reached my 100th PLR product ever created!

It’s time to CELEBRATE!

To celebrate and to really give back to you, my subscribers and customers, I’m putting together a ridiculously amazing package that you’ll find hard to refuse. In fact, you’d be silly not to get this 😉

I was thinking, if I was going to celebrate this milestone, why not celebrate BIG!

In fact, I’m celebrating a few things:

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How To Create Products That Gets Snapped Up Like A Black Friday Sale

hotproducts-largeSince 2006, I’ve created over 90 information products ranging from eBooks to video courses (almost reached my 100th product).

It wasn’t easy at first, but I can tell ya, it gets easier the more you do it.

The more you do it, the more chances you’ll get to find out what works and what doesn’t.

I launched a product that converted as high as 19%!

conversion rate

19% Conversion Rate

An Average of 7% Conversion Rate?

On average, most of my products convert at 7%. These are for products ranging from $10 – $30. Here are some stats from my campaign manager:

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What Type Of Membership Site Should You Start? Here Are 5 Ideas

Membership Site IdeasAre you thinking about running your own membership website?

What most likely attracted you to start your own membership site is it’s residual income opportunity.

You get members paying you every single month rather than a one off purchase. It’s powerful.

The biggest problem I honestly think that’s is stopping people from starting their own membership site is coming up with an idea.

Are These Reasons Stopping You From Starting Your Own Membership Site?

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Get 15GB + 5GB Bonus Free Storage From Copy.com

copy.com logo

I’ve been an avid fan of Dropbox ever since they began, and have securely stored all my files with them just in case my hard drive ever crashes. In fact, I lost six months worth of data because I didn’t backup. So big lesson learned.

Dropbox is an online cloud server where you can store and backup your files remotely. This has many benefits. To name a few: Access your files from anywhere using any device, securely store and backup your files incase of a hard drive crash and the ability to share files with others.

One downside of Dropbox is that when you sign up for free, you only get 2GB of storage. Nowadays, that’s not gonna get you far.

I just heard about Copy.com which is very much like Dropbox.

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Stop Looking For That Magic Pill. There’s None.


I remember when I started out online and trying to learn more about this whole “Internet business” phenomenon.

I remember wanting someone to just rescue me and basically hand me everything I needed to know.

Little did I know there’s no “magic pill” to building a successful online business.

The gurus can tell you exactly what you need to do, but at the end of the day it’s all up to you to take action on what you have learned.

It’s like having the latest and greatest widget that saves a ton of time to automate some sort of manual task. If you don’t end up using it then this widget is pretty much useless to you.

Mindset Is Everything

And that is… your mentality, your habits, your attitude, your beliefs, how you act, how you think…it’s all part of your mindset.

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How To Use HootSuite To Automate Your Social Media Marketing


How many times have you had to login to every social media site to post the same status update?

What if you were able to type your message just once and have it syndicated to ALL of your social media profiles?

Even better, what if you could autoschedule your posts so that you’ve always got something new for readers to see?

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Freebie: 10 High-Converting Email Templates To Help You Save Time & Get Better Results

Email Templates

Staring at a blank canvas or document is painful. You don’t know where to start and what to even write about.

At the same time, you don’t want your list to die out because of sporadic emailing. It’s important to build that trust with your subscribers.

To help you save time and pain, I’ve prepared 10 high-converting emails you can simply swipe and fill-in-the-blanks. I’ve called it the ‘Unstoppable Email Templates Pack’.

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