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Get 15GB + 5GB Bonus Free Storage From Copy.com

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I’ve been an avid fan of Dropbox ever since they began, and have securely stored all my files with them just in case my hard drive ever crashes. In fact, I lost six months worth of data because I didn’t backup. So big lesson learned.

Dropbox is an online cloud server where you can store and backup your files remotely. This has many benefits. To name a few: Access your files from anywhere using any device, securely store and backup your files incase of a hard drive crash and the ability to share files with others.

One downside of Dropbox is that when you sign up for free, you only get 2GB of storage. Nowadays, that’s not gonna get you far.

I just heard about Copy.com which is very much like Dropbox. It works the same way but gives you a ton more free storage. Copy.com is giving 15GB of free storage compared to the 2GB which Dropbox gives until you have to upgrade to one of its plans.

If you download Copy using this link, you’ll be given 5GB of free extra storage. Pretty cool.

According to their website, Copy is giving away the free storage for a limited time to celebrate the launch and to create some buzz. So I’m not too sure how long the bonus storage is gonna last.

You could do a lot with 20GB of free storage:

  • Store all your important files and documents
  • Backup your videos
  • Backup your music
  • Backup those important photos

You could even use Copy to share files with others.

I’m certainly going to use Copy as another backup tool in addition to Dropbox. You can never have too many backups! Plus, it’s free.

Oh, and if you tell your friends about Copy using your referral link (provided inside members area), you’ll get 5GB bonus added to your account…pretty much what I’m doing.

Tell your friends about it and enjoy!


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  1. Thanks for sharing such a great new resource! I just signed up through your link and got the additional 5 GB of storage space. Now I’m off to share MY link with others! 🙂

  2. Great stuff Aurelius, signed up through your link, great to know that that’s an alternative to dropbox in terms of storage size wise. Thanks for sharing.

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