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Case Study: How I Built a List From Scratch In 24 Hours Using Facebook Ads

Build a List From Facebook Ads

Building a list from Facebook is easier than you think.

If you ever wanted to build a list from Facebook, watch the video and see how I quickly built a list of 41 double-optin subscribers from scratch in just 24 hours with almost a 50% conversion rate.

In a previous post I explained how Facebook has given less priority for status updates of anyone with a Facebook Page.

In fact, only about 16% of your posts will ever be seen by your Facebook Fans.

Check out this test I did where one post was advertised (sponsored) and the other not:

Facebook Ads Comparison

The post on the left shows just 31 people reached organically while the post on the right reached 16,912 people.

A big difference wouldn’t you say?

What I Wanted To Test Out

1) Whether I could get an 80% conversion rate based on cool and down-to-earth Internet marketer, Alex Becker. You can view his training here.

2) To validate and test whether an offer will convert or not using a non-existent product – this will save us time so we don’t end up wasting days, even weeks creating a product.


3) How cheap we can get leads for from Facebook.

My Facebook Lead Generation Test Campaign Case Study

My overall budget for this test campaign was $15.00.

$15.00 is a good amount for a one day campaign as it’s not too much or too less and it gives me an opportunity to reach as much people throughout the day.

If you have more to play around with, then by all means set your budget higher as it will give you more accurate results in the end. Basically the more traffic you can drive, the more metrics you’ll have in the end for you to decide if it’s a winner or not.

What a High-Converting Facebook Ad Looks Like

With Facebook Ads, you want to keep it as uncluttered as possible.

You most definitely need an image that accompanies your post.

Here’s the Facebook Ad I ran to demonstrate:

Facebook Ad Template

Let’s dissect each element in more detail so you can see what I did:

  • Headline #1 – You’re given just 25 characters in this section so use it wisely. Let them know what they are going to get/stress a benefit and then insert a CTA (call-to-action). In my case, I used “Click to download” as the CTA.

  • Image – Clean, simple and bright is what you want with big, bold text.

  • Headline #2 – Don’t repeat the exact texts from Headline #1 or your image, use a CTA instead to encourage the reader to click.

  • Description – This is what I like to call the “subheadline” part of your ad. Make another promise of what the reader will get when they click. At the end, make sure to add another call-to-action. I used “Click here to download your cheat list” as the CTA.

  • CTA Button – This is a secret weapon to increase conversions. Facebook Ads allows you to choose a call-to-action button such as ‘Download’, ‘Shop Now’ and ‘Learn More’. Use it to your advantage.

You Don’t Need a Product To Start Off With

I mentioned that one of my goals with this test campaign was to validate an idea. My idea was a cheat sheet with 50 email subject lines that has converted well for me in the past.

I wanted to see if people would opt-in for the cheat sheet.

The trick with getting as much leads as possible is to have an ultra-specific offer targeting a specific problem. In my case, I offered a solution to email marketers who want to get more subscribers to open their newsletters.

You don’t want something like “The Complete Email Marketing Guide” as your offer as that sounds like too much information to go through.

People want easy, quick solutions to their painful problem. Offer one “secret” instead of 10 different secrets. You can always upsell them on more secrets — as Internet marketing veteran, Jimmy D. Brown, likes to put it “Useful but incomplete”.

Designing A High-Converting Opt-In Page

The next important part you need to build a list from Facebook is the almighty opt-in page!

To build it, you have a couple of options:

1) Design it yourself. This is the long and hard way but won’t cost you much other than your time.

2) Use LeadPages. You can choose from dozens of opt-in templates to suit your needs. The opt-in page you see below was created using LeadPages in literally 5 minutes.

Opt-in Page

Everything you see in the screenshot is basically all there is to it for the opt-in page. You don’t need to get any fancier than that. The simpler the better. Your ultimate goal is to turn your visitors into subscribers.

My Results From The Test Campaign

After running the Facebook Ad for about 24 hours, here are the results:

Facebook Ads Results

Website clicks: 95
Amount of People Reached: 14,431
Cost Per Lead: $0.33
Total Spent: $13.79

+ 6 Page Likes and 4 Post Likes (icing on the cake).

Note: Don’t confuse “reach” with traffic. Reach is the number of people that saw the ad on their news feed. It doesn’t mean the number of people who clicked on the ad.

To sum it up, this campaign got a 43.15% conversion rate!

Not bad for a first test campaign!

How I Would Make Money From My List

You obviously want a good return on investment using Facebook Ads, so you could very easily sell your product or a product you’re an affiliate of as a way of monetization.

I would go straight to selling an information product of some sort such as an ebook or video course that’s extends further on the subject of the initial offer.

Your product funnel could be as wide and deep as you want. It’s your choice.

Let’s Crunch Some Numbers

Let’s do some quick math and see if this campaign was all worth it.

If you had a $10 product for sale with a 10% conversion rate and 100 visitors you would make $100.

Taking my campaign as an example, I built a list of 41 leads. If 10% of those subscribers buy my $10 product, that’s about $40 in sales. Based on these numbers I would be making a $7 profit ($40 sales minus $33 expenses).

But remember, you’re building a list which means you have the power to follow-up with your subscribers and promote more offers.

The big question is…

To Continue With This Offer Or Not?

To justify whether to continue with this offer or not, I looked at the positives:

1) Almost half the visitors subscribed for the offer (a 43.15% conversion rate).

2) It only cost $0.33 per subscriber.

If you compare the cost per subscriber with other forms of paid advertising/promoting such as solo ads, $0.33 is dirt cheap! It’s typical to pay up to a dollar or more per subscriber from solo ads.

If you wanted to build a list of 100 subscribers, it would cost just $33.00.

All-in-all I most definitely would continue with this offer as I see its potential to generate a ton of fresh leads and sales.

What I Could Do To Increase The Conversion Rate

My aim was to get or at least get as close to the 80% that I was hoping for but I know there are many variables that affect conversion rates.

What I could do to increase conversions is to:

  • Create more variations of the ad such as:
    • Different images
    • Different headlines
    • Different Call-to-action
  • Split-testing the opt-in page

Want A Shortcut? Here’s The Facebook Ads Course You Need

If you liked this technique, you’ll love what’s contained in my Facebook Ads course called AdsVantage.

Here are just some of the things you’ll from this training course:

  • How to use the Facebook Power Editor to speed up campaign creations
  • How to create your first Facebook Ad
  • The 5 different target audience groups you should create for more engagement, cheaper clicks and higher conversion (you’ve just learned one of the tactics in this post)
  • How to import your email list to Facebook Ads and target your email subscribers
  • How to target people who have visited your site before, plus other retargeting tactics
  • How much to bid and budget so you don’t overspend
  • List building with Facebook Ads

Click Here To Get The AdsVantage Training Course


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  1. Yes I would if it was as you said a basic this is what you do and this is the button you push to do it type course. No time consuming filler. If the course had that I would be interested.

  2. That would be awesome. I’ve been looking to invest some moolah into Facebook advertising but I didn’t want it to just fail hard. I thought of getting a course but there are just so many. It would be nice to get a course from someone I trust, like you. That way I know the quality and applicability will be there.

    1. I appreciate that, Phil. Yes, the last thing you wanna do is waste too much money without any conversions.

  3. Yes I will be glad to see the course , please let me know when it is ready.
    You are awesome as all ways. I love your way of thinking. Almaz.

  4. Yes, Aurelius please proceed with your idea. I would be very interested in a Facebook Ads video course from you.

  5. Thanks for sharing the case-study with us Aurelius. I’m impressed that you got a 43% optin rate. That’s quite good mate! Well done. I’m wondering about the target audience i.e. demographics, interests, gender and age etc. that let. Can you share any insights on that?

    1. Hey Stuart. I’ll be sharing more info on targeting + retargeting, but what I basically do if I want to put an ad up quickly is to target audiences whose interests are similar to what I have to offer. I would find Pages related to my offer and enter that in as one of the interests. Demographics/gender/age, I keep very broad. Make sure your geographical locations are targeted to your top audiences. Usually for Internet marketers it’s US, UK, Canada & Australia.

      Will most definitely share my latest experiments on this blog in a future post!

  6. I have been following you for some times,and frankly I have been impressed with your Progress. Where do I start anything at all. I have a Web Site, as a matter of fact I purchase 4 Web Sites selling all kinds of things, no success at all. I am finally going to school to learn how to make my own Web Site. hopefully that works.
    Is there any advise you can give me to start my own Business successfully? I have learned from you and Google’s little foul-up. Wel any good advise would be more then helpful.

    1. Hi Axel. Thanks very much for your compliments.

      I think you’re on the right track. You’re learning and implementing.

      If you’re just starting out, don’t even worry too much about Google penalizing your site. Just stay away from black hat SEO methods as it will be short-lived in the end.

      I always recommend the same thing to others asking similar questions regarding starting out in internet marketing. Here’s what I recommend you do:

      1) Build a list of subscribers. Get an autoresponder, e.g. – AWeber
      2) Start a blog and start posting regular content
      3) Offer lots of value to your subscribers and readers

      Everything else like video marketing, outsourcing and SEO you can implement as you go along. Just don’t worry too much about trying to get it all right from the start, you’ll progress as you continue along.

  7. What about B2B space? I rarely see anyone targeting business owners, everything is always for an affiliate slinging some ebook they paid someone to write.

    I have an actual webservice, software, that I would like to market to say, dry cleaning operators. I have a LeadPages designed optin page, and a sales funnel with videos that educate and demo our system. The problem has been attracting the right click to our landing page and Facebook simply didnt produce the desired viewers.

    1. Hi James. That is a tricky one.

      Have you tested the conversion rate of the actual product in general?

      If so, is it converting well from other traffic sources?

      To be able to target correctly using Facebook Ads, find similar pages to yours, note them down and use it as your interest targeting.

      If there’s not many, then it’s going to be difficult.

      Facebook Ads, in my opinion, works better for broad markets. As a general note, you’re limited with the amount of people you reach as you go narrower.

    1. Thanks Paul.

      I usually stick with CPC. If I want fast results, I enter a higher bid. If I want to pay less per click, I put in the minimum suggest bid and then work from there. I don’t get as much exposure placing the minimum though due to the competition.

  8. Always quality stuff from Aurelius,
    it doesnt get better then this, quick and straight to the point will try your technique
    and see, as solo ads are really expensive these days

    Best of luck


  9. Hi Aurelius,
    Just wanted to say that since I bought a Couple of your PLR Products ( which are perfect BTW ), I have been spending time on your Blog….Good Info to chew on….all of it….
    I like when people have actual “Case Studies” to share instead of pushing out the same old “Basics” on a Subject.
    I also am a Fan of Beckers but you may want to check the link in this article….it appears that Mr. Becker has closed the “Copy Becker” site…and I am not sure if he has transferred the training you are referring to over to “Source Wave”….
    Marketer’s can be Fickle….
    Thanks again for all the good Information

  10. Thanks Aurelius. This is a great post but one question, will this still work today considering the date of the post and how things changes ripidly in the online world? And also the course, how relevant will it still be to todays facebook changes? I want to know before I invest in the course. Thank you once again.

    1. The content is still relevant. The only things that have changed is some of the layout in the Facebook Ads manager interface.

      Also, Facebook may require you to use a https website now.

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