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How To Build A Sales Funnel For Daily Leads & Sales

How To Build A Sales Funnel

I must admit, I’m lazy.


I used to be the type that never implemented what we call a “sales funnel”.

What is a sales funnel? Simply put, you generate a lead and your lead goes through your sales process and turns into a customer.

I thought I knew it all until I started implementing a sales funnel into my own business.

I Ended The Vicious Cycle of Launching Product After Product

My way of making sales before was to keep launching new products. I would then neglect the products and not promote it any more.

I knew about the concept of a sales funnel but just didn’t bother using one. I was comfortable enough launching new products.

When I think about it, that’s actually more work than having a sales funnel in place.

Just imagine, going through the time-sucking product creation phase and inviting JV’s to promote your product all the time.

With a sales funnel, you’re automatically promoting your existing products rather than letting it go to waste.

Ever since I implemented a sales funnel in my business, subscribers and sales have gone up, not to mention, more engagement from my subscribers because my funnel is delivering valuable content.

What Does My Sales Funnel Look Like?

To make it easier for you to understand, here’s a fancy chart to illustrate the funnel (click image to enlarge):

Lead To Customer Funnel Chart

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Okay, so it’s not exactly a diagram of a funnel but it’s a more like a process map.

Let’s go through the process briefly:

  1. You get traffic.

  2. Your subscriber lands on your free video presentation page and at the same time the subscriber is added to your autoresponder follow-up sequence.

  3. They watch your free video and decides whether to buy your product or not.

  4. If they order, you offer an upsell.

  5. If they decline the upsell, you downsell.

  6. Your customer will eventually land on the download page to access the product.

  7. On that page you cross-sell other products.

This is the exact process I use to turn subscribers into customers.

Now let me run through each part to give you a better idea on how to implement it to your business.

Traffic Sources

Without traffic, you’re not going to generate any leads and sales. Quite simple.

I predominately get traffic from solo ads, this blog, Facebook Ads, Google+ and other social platforms.

If you want to learn traffic, here are some helpful resources:

How I Built a List From Scratch In 24 Hours From Facebook Ads

Here’s Why You Should Invest $1 A Day On Facebook Ads

How I Get 100+ Visitors A Day To Any Website

Funnel all your traffic to your opt-in page, which is the next step.

Opt-In Page

Call it opt-in page, landing page or squeeze page, they all have the same purpose — to capture leads/subscribers.

This is your main mechanism to capturing leads.

First of all, you need a “bait” or in other words, an incentive for subscribers to opt-in. I’ve found that offering a free video presentation works really well because you’re building credibility, offering training and have the opportunity to sell your product at the end.

Although the chart does show a Free Video Presentation, you don’t have to offer a video. These incentives work just as well:

  • A free report
  • A cheat sheet
  • A resource list
  • A checklist

Make sure to keep the subject tight. Instead of “A Complete Guide To Losing Weight”, have an offer that’s narrower like “10 Raw Foods That Shed Fat”.

For the actual opt-in page, I like to keep it very simple. Here’s one example:

Opt-in Page

When a visitor clicks the Get Instant Access button, an opt-in form requesting for their email appears.

This was all created in less than 4 minutes using LeadPages.

These days, I don’t bother creating opt-in pages from scratch in HTML. It’s just too time-consuming to play around with tables, colors, positioning, CSS and all that technical stuff.

5 Day Follow-Up Sequence

Once your visitors opt-in, they are registered to your autoresponder sequence.

To give you an idea of how I have it preloaded into my autoresponder, here’s a screenshot:

Autoresponder Sequence

An email goes out everyday for 5 days that educates the subscriber on the subject. In my case, I am providing training on the Micro Membership Business Model.

Here’s what the sequence looks like:

Email #1: Welcome email with link to access the video presentation
(Sent immediately after opt-in)

Email #2: “Help Getting Started” email
(Sent 1 hour after opt-in)

Email #3: Email subject line “How much I’m making from membership sites?”
(Sent 1 day after opt-in)

Email #4: Email subject line “5 types of membership sites you can start”
(Sent 2 days after opt-in)

Email #5: Email subject line “How long does it take to setup a membership site?”
(Sent 3 days after opt-in)

Email #6: Email subject line “What’s stopping you from succeeding?”
(Sent 4 days after opt-in)

Email #7: Email subject line “5 easy ways to start getting members to your site…”
(Sent 5 days after opt-in)

The beauty of the sequence is that I don’t even need to keep emailing my list to make sales, the 5-day follow-up sequence does it for me.

Free Video Presentation

This is the actual content your subscriber opted in for. Again, you don’t necessarily need a video presentation but I do recommend it as it converts a lot better when selling a product.

You video should give lots of value so that after your subscriber watches it, they’ll be able to implement the lesson(s) straight away.

Here’s what my video presentation looks like:

Video Presentation

You then offer your product, ideally a course, that extends what they already learned from your video. For example, if you’re providing “One simple trick to shedding fat”, your course could offer a step-by-step guide, a printable plan, workouts, videos, checklist, food and grocery list and more.

If they got a lot out of your free video presentation, there’s a high chance they’ll buy your product.


If your customer orders, you can offer an upgrade to give more value and double/triple your profits.

This is the best time to offer additional upgrades since you have your buyer’s complete attention.

I also like to utilize the download/access page with related offers that will further their skills/knowledge on the subject.

Your Sales Funnel Will Pay Off

It does take time to put together but you really only need to do it once. Create the opt-in page once. Pre-load your follow-up messages once. Create the video once. Create your product(s) once.

If you don’t want to add any upsells, downsells and/or related products, you don’t have to. You can always add them later.

At the bare minimum, you should at least have your 5-day follow-up sequence.

By having this funnel in place, you’ll no longer need to worry about launching product after product and trying to get JV’s and affiliates on board all the time.

All you need to do is get people through your funnel. The rest will is done without you lifting a finger.

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Here’s the download link to the PDF version of this post:


Your Thoughts…

Have you got a sales funnel in place? If so, is it similar?

Are you finding yourself having to launch products all the time to make sales?

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to creating a sales funnel?

Let me know in the comments box below:


This Post Has 9 Comments
  1. Hi Aurelius,

    I think the challenge in creating sales funnel is choosing strategy for the follow-up email. Different marketers have different method. Let say we create a 5-days follow-up email.

    Marketers A strategy is tips -> tips -> soft sell -> soft sell -> hard sell.

    Marketers B strategy is tips -> soft sell -> tips -> soft sell -> tips

    Other than that, writing itself can be a struggle. We need to create email for mass people, but the email must sounds like talking to them individually.

    By the way, your tips is great. I will share it to my readers in my blog.

    1. Hi Victor. Yes, all marketers have their own way of doing it. Personally, I have an email that goes out every day for 5 days then once a week from then on.

      Email marketing is still by far the best medium for your return on investment.

      I appreciate the share!

  2. Hi Aurelius:

    Thanks for sharing your training and tips once again – you are awesome! 🙂

    I like the idea of using LeadPages and can see the benefits of this tool. I have had sales funnels in the past however have never been successful at getting many sales therefore I am not sure if it is the content, the words, the style or a combination of all.

    Currently I send traffic to my about page on my website so I have to change that strategy and get an optin page created – the beauty of LeadPages is they created squeeze pages that appear to be effective and to the point therefore ridding of all the salezy pitch crap – is salezy really a word?? 🙂

    Just wanted to give my thoughts and thank you Aurelius.

    1. Hi Carl. Thank you! I appreciate your thoughts. You definitely should have an opt-in page instead of your about page. If I’m going to pay for traffic, I 100% would have an opt-in page in place to get a good ROI.

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