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How To Create A Kick Butt ‘Thank You’ Page That Gets More Facebook Likes And Sales


Here’s the story…

I was working on a product of mine the other week and I was thinking….what if I could create a better experience for customers – from the time of purchase to landing on the download page.

One thing I’ve never really paid attention to was my ‘Thank You’ page or in other words, the download page.

I realized, if I just spend a few hours tweaking and improving my thank you page, it’ll not just make it more clearer for my customers to access their purchase but it’ll also lead to more sales.

Your thank you/download page is where you’ll get the most attention from your customers or subscribers, which is why you should utilize this “real estate”.

I implemented this exact strategy, and have to say, I’ve generated more backend sales and gained more fans on my Facebook page. As simple as it sounds, not many people are doing it.

If there’s one thing you can improve today, it’s your ‘Thank You’ page or Download Page.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

How does your download page look like?

Are you doing something similar?

Let me know by leaving your comments below.

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    1. Definitely, Michael. Calls to action are very important, no matter what your aim is. There should always be a next step.

  1. for the matter of facts there are some things going on in these world,but through listening to people and trying to solve there problems can bring a kick butt thank you page.

  2. Hi Aurelius,

    I haven’t created a Thank You page yet. But I’m still in the process of putting some ideas that I’m developing myself but your tips are excellent, and as always your you are the guy that I listen very much.

    So Aurelius thanks again for your post.


  3. Great tip on the the thank you page. when I first got started I was taught that the Thank You page is the most important element. Do it right and you customers will keep coming back. You are right many marketers skip this simple page. Do some tweeking and sales will increase.

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