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How To Create Your Very Own “Micro Membership” Site And Make Passive, Recurring Income

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Since 2011, I’ve made thousands of dollars every single month from creating and launching “micro” membership sites.

In this special video presentation, I’m going to show you how to create your very own “micro membership” site – it doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, too.

This is the easiest and fastest way to finally get a membership site running.

What You Need To Start A Micro Membership Site:
  • A domain name. Register your domains with NameCheap.
  • Web hosting. I recommend BlueHost. You get a free domain name for the first year with them.
  • An autoresponder. I recommend AWeber as they have great delivery rates.
  • WordPress (optional but recommended).
  • The KEY ingredients: Action and persistence!

Here’s the micro membership site example I used in the video: The Unstoppable PLR VIP Membership

Access The Micro Membership Profits Video Course!

Now you can get the course that guides you step-by-step on how to create a micro membership site.

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  1. Aurelius that was a great video! If you have the time you should consider making that into an ebook itself. I’d love to have a step by step for me to look at while working on building a mini site. Please consider it dude I’m serious!

    1. Thanks for your input, Michael. I’m actually launching something special next week which I think you’ll like πŸ™‚

      You’ll hear more about it soon.

      1. can you send me a link to that something special pls aurelius , im reading all this stuff you have up here on the net and cant seem to get my head around it can you pls help me as im new to all this tks

  2. Amazing! Perfect timing too. I’ve been looking into membership sites with drip feed and saw your email and video. That’s perfect for what I need and very inexpensive too. Thank you!!

  3. Good idea well explained.
    Question. Can you automatically monitor who continues to pay each month and thus gets the next email or does that have to be done manually?

    1. Hello Fred. This seems to be a common question. The way to do it is when you receive PayPal subscription cancellations, you remove the subscriber(s) from your autoresponder right away. That way those members who cancelled won’t receive any more messages via the autoresponder.

      It’s a good habit to keep it organized and up to date, that way you can monitor exactly who your active members area.

  4. Great Video! What an awesome tip for starting out low-budget.

    My question is Fred’s.

    How do you monitor monthly payers or non-payers before link is sent. Is that manual?

  5. Same question as Fred. I can see that the member can unsubscribe from the autoresponder but as Fred says do you then need to check that the member has cancelled his Paypal subscription?

    1. Yes, you simply cross-reference and make sure all cancelled subscriptions – whether it’s via the autoresponder or PayPal. The member does not cancel his/her PayPal subscription if he/she simply unsubscribes from the autoresponder messages. They either need to contact you to cancel their subscription or they can cancel at anytime in their PayPal account. You can also check yourself for any unsubscribes and then cancel accordingly.

  6. Aurelius,

    This is one of my favorite product creation methods, the automatic membership site.

    Personally, I don’t even use any type of password or log-in requirements for my lower ticket membership sites to make it really easy for customers to access and reduce support requests.

    Honestly, I’m not worried about “theft” for these types of products (and the whole mindset that surrounds that topic is a whole other conversation).

    Loving all the new content you’re putting out on the new site.


    1. Hey Brian. Yes, that’s definitely the easiest way which is why I listed WordPress as optional. I like using password protected pages because I’m then able to embed things that I normally can’t in an email, plus it adds that extra “membership feel” when it’s centralized in a site. I can add extra resources, and members can simply refer back to it any time.

      Thanks for your feedback Brian!

  7. Hey Aurelius,

    Well done mate. Some of the hidden or not so apparent benefits are almost equally as powerful in terms of ROI for effort. Namely not only do you profit, but you have email follow up opportunities. Even more, you have the ability to drive cross-sells/upsells and even just social equity as they log onto your website to grab their product.

    That’s premium these days given the ability to deliver a message on a crowded internet and being able to control the noise volume.

    Brendan B first turned me onto this sort of micro membership but your behind the scenes creative use of common tools is tops bud.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Will. Thanks for your AWESOME comment and ideas.

      Yes, I heard about it from a few online marketers but put my own twist to it to have the same sort of feel as a traditional membership site but without all the pain of setting scripts and stuff.

      Appreciate you sharing your thoughts.

    1. Hi Shirley. With payments, the main payment processor to use is PayPal. There’s a dedicated module/video just on this topic. I share how to create a subscribe button, put in your price, download page URL and also how to embed it to your page.

  8. Aurelius, you’ve done it again! Awesome value and a great video. Just what I, and many others needed to get a strong business model going! Thanks

    1. Hi Sylvia. When you get paid is up to you. If you decide to promote your micro membership site today and start getting members signing up, you start getting paid from that day and will continue to receive payments for as long as your members stay subscribed.

      You need to get traffic to your site, just like every other site.

      You can use PayPal to accept recurring payments. PayPal allows you to creation subscription buttons and you can set how often to charge your members. Typically, you’d wanna charge once a month.

      My course, Micro Membership Profits (http://micromembershipprofits.com) explains the exact steps on how to create your payment buttons and accept payments via PayPal.

  9. I think membership sites work so much better when they’re backed by SaaS (software as a service). Info product type membership sites tend to have a higher attrition rate. Even popular workout membership sites average subscriber retention for about 3 months tops. Having a great hook that people need to operate will keep your subscribers put. That’s why I’m thinking about exploring SaaS as my next project. I think it’s a resource (depending on the software) that people really value a lot. Leveraging someone else’s code to do the heavy lifting is alluring to a lot of people.

    1. Yes, a service type of membership site works well, but this video teaches you how to create a “micro membership” type of website, mainly for information marketers.

      Retention rate is normally high, at least for me micro membership sites. I’ve got members who are still paying since 2011. That’s two years.

      Yes, you do need something unique for them to keep coming back for. It’s also the pricing that will have an impact. I find a low-cost $10/month makes it a no-brainer for most of my customers.

      Thanks for your comment, Jason.

    1. Micro blogging involves using your autoresponder as a blog rather than an actual blog. You write your content as newsletters rather than on a blog. That way, even new subscribers will see your past newsletters as they are in the autoresponder sequence.

      So to answer your question, it does use your autoresponder but with a twist by using a WordPress blog to store and protect your content.

  10. Great info. I will put this to use. I didn’t realize it could be so easy to do. I’ve been looking to do something like this for a while now. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Good’ay mate,

    Sorry I couldn’t join you for this week’s Marketing Meetup, but I’ll do my best to be there next week as I’m new in this and I’ve learned a lot from you guys.
    Hey, a question related to this post. Once someone completes their payment through Paypal, is there a way to the send the email with the link and password automatically, or do you do that manually?
    I called Paypal support and they said they only send the payment confirmation email but not a customized email.

    Thank you,

    1. No worries, Alan. We’re on every Tuesdays for Marketing Meetup at 9PM EST/EDT – http://imqa.us/m2.

      In terms of sending passwords automatically, you basically redirect them to a page where they enter their name and email so that they’re subscribed to the autoresponder. You can set the ‘thank you’ page when you create a PayPal subscribe button. Your first message in your autoresponder that goes out should go out immediately and have details of how to access their first package.

  12. […] Membership site. Although this isn’t a product format, it’s a way to deliver and manage your content. I just thought it deserves a mention. Read my post if you want to learn more about what membership ideas: What Type Of Membership Site Should You Start? Here Are 5 Ideas. Also, take a look at my video tutorial on how to create a “micro membership” site. […]

  13. Excellent and simple way to set up micro membership sites, Aurelius! Nice work.

    Problem with the website link though:

    The website you were trying to reach is temporarily unavailable.

    Please check back soon.

    If you are the owner of this website, please contact Technical Support as soon as possible.

    Can you please let me know when it will be up again?

  14. Very informative. I am sure it can make recurring passive income. Can it be applied to my IM niche? I do not have specific products except promoting some IM programs like SFI and Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Absolutely! You could provide resell rights products if you wanted to. I have two resell rights memberships using this exact model.

  15. Hi Aurelius, Great stuff, real simple is good. I have to admit I did try membership set up a while ago but it left me with a headache and give up. Now I have seen this I added back to must do list.
    Stay Well Stay Happy

  16. Hey Aurelius,

    I agree that is one way to do it, albeit rather cumbersome as you have to create a different(?) password for each post.

    Why not make it a proper membership site?

    I have created a dripfeed plugin which will do that trick properly, where each member will get his next fixture automatically presented when he logs in.

    Doing it that way is just as technically possible for each and every person who can run a WordPress blog πŸ™‚


    1. That would defeat the purpose of a micro membership site if a normal membership script was used. Most membership scripts are complicated to use.

      Creating a password for each post is your choice, otherwise you can disregard using a password and just have the page on its own, making sure the page URL isn’t easy to guess.

      You could even skip using a website all together and simply use your autoresponder for delivery.

      I also had a drip feed WordPress plug-in in the works but on hold at the moment.

  17. Hi , Hope this is not ignorant but I watched the video. I have my wordpress, hosting and autoresponder. My question is do i just upload this stuff to my site? I am new at this type of thing and need just a little more explaining. Thank you. Debbie

    1. Hi Debbie,

      You can upload it via WordPress if you wanted to.

      Inside your WordPress admin dashboard, you’ll see on the left sidebar ‘Media’. Just add a new file, upload and grab the URL of the uploaded file.

      Otherwise, you can upload your file using FTP.

      My course – Micro Membership Profits – explains everything step-by-step.

  18. I am only a new associate of yours Aurelius, but I can honestly say I wish I had discovered you many months ago.
    In a short time you have taught me “real” tactics that I can use immediately to begin that much sought after cash flow.
    I hope to follow you for a long long time, and also hope to help others as you have helped me.
    Thanks heaps

  19. Aurelius:
    I have bought several of your PLR products and want to get started with the micro membership site. I just bought the blog authority PLR.
    Can I use my current website, with a WP theme and Infusionsoft as the Autoresponder?
    Should I set up a new website with your suggestions?
    Do each of your PLR packages have a drip feed I can use? Can you show me how you drip feed a PLR package like the blog package?


    1. You absolutely can you your WordPress on your site. Infusionsoft should as it has an autoresponder system built in.

      Each of the PLR packages simply need to be uploaded to your webhost then you link it via a download link on your WordPress blog as Pages with a password. You then create autoresponder messages that go out every so and so days, example – every 30 days. You can set that up in Infusionsoft.

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