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How To Survive And Persevere In The Online Business Ocean

The other day I was walking along a coastline in Sydney where you can get spectacular views of the ocean.

I stared at the ocean just thinking, reflecting and appreciating life at that present moment.

I thought to myself, the ocean is so big and so vast. An online business is very similar in so many ways.


Photo by Eric Gevaert

Anyone can enter and start an online business but survival is what you need in order to sail through the ocean in the right direction.

An online business is not as easy as simply setting up a website and hoping people will come.

Let me elaborate further…

Think of yourself in a boat and you need to travel from point A to point B.

  • You’ll come across obstacles and challenges while you sail through the sea.
  • There won’t always be blue skies and perfect conditions.
  • You will be challenged.
  • You will be put down.
  • You will face things you’ve never faced before.
  • You’ll be pushed beyond your boundaries and comfort zone.
  • A storm could happen out of no where, and it’s up to you to get back up, persevere and overcome these obstacles.

You can’t really see what’s ahead of you. The only way is to sail further and further to your destination (or goal).

As you get a glimpse of what’s ahead of you, you then begin to see more opportunities and/or obstacles. Ultimately, moving forward is the only way to see what’s on the other side.

You need coordinates to get to your destination; directions for going from point A to point B. The same applies with an online business. You need a guide or system to help you achieve what ever you want to achieve.

A habit a lot of us have is that we get too caught up in fixing the small leaks in the boat when we should be focusing more on the big leaks.

Imagine for a sec that you’re sailing across the sea all by yourself. It sounds pretty lonely, doesn’t it? You don’t have that support and encouragement to keep you going. Most online entrepreneurs like you and me run our business from home, normally by ourselves. It’s not easy trying to do that. It helps to have a support system or being part of a mastermind group to keep each other moving forward.

I’ve gotta tell you…I’m very appreciative of how far I’ve come. I keep telling myself that all this hard work I’m putting into my business will be re-paid, and I’m already experiencing that now because I get the opportunity to share my mistakes and lessons with you, the reader. So thank you.

Where ever you may be in your business or life, I hope this message has inspired you and reminded you to never give up.

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  1. Building an online empire can somehow get very stressful and lonely.
    That’s why many prefer calling it solopreneur.
    I for instance keep a poetry blog where I share my true anytime I feel lonely.

  2. So true Aurelius. I’ve been following you for some time and I really appreciate your advice. Life is like walking on a treadmill: the only one who decides when to stop is just you. And the same goes for our online business: we are the only ones who decide if and when to stop. And for me, I think that it’s way more difficult to start our own business than to work for a company. I feel the pressure everyday from my family, even from myself (that voice in your head telling you that you should do something else), to be successful. I know I could have a great career in any company (I studied economics, so everyone expects me to be a successful economist). You know what? I’m sorry, but it’s not for me, I don’t see myself working 20 years, 8 hours a day in an office. I definitely chose the most difficult way, start my own company from zero, but this it’s actually a real challenge…learning so many things that I didn’t even know they existed when I was studying economics…working for a company would have been pretty easy, you just need to be a robot, the system is already done, my creativity would die…creating your own business? Now that’s a challenge! That requires creativity, perseverence and maybe a little insanity, but it’s a journey that is worth living. Great post Aurelius and thanks for your always useful advice!

    1. Hi Luis. Thanks for being a loyal subscriber.

      I totally get ya with doing what you love and challenging yourself. Follow your intuition.

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Well said…The two journeys are very much similar..Its perseverance that counts in the end..We might be really close to the destination..This thought drives me forward.

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