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Metrics – My New iPhone App To Work Out Your Sales Amounts


I’m proud and excited to release my brand new iPhone app called Metrics.

It’s a simply a sales calculator especially developed for online marketers like you and me. It lets you can compare between your current stats to one that you want to achieve.

How do I personally use it?

I want to increase my sales so the way I can do it is by either generating more traffic, increase my price (or even lowering it to attract higher conversions) or increase conversion rate.

I can then get a prediction as to how much I can make based on the numbers I input.


Next, I can focus on generating more traffic to increase sales, test out different prices and/or improve my website copy to increase the conversion rate.

For example, in the screenshot below, you’ll see what a difference it makes when you increase your conversion rate by just 1.3%:


In just a year, you’ll almost double your sales.

Alternatively, you can change the amount of Visits per day and the sales amounts will reflect those numbers. The same goes for price alterations.

At this time, it’s only available on the iOS. Sorry Android users!

To get Metrics, simply go here:


It’s just $0.99. Go get it!

I would love to make improvements to it but my original idea was to just get the core functions working and get it out there rather than waiting ’till it’s “perfect”.

What do you think about the tool? Would love your feedback! Simply comment below.

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  1. I love what you said in the end! That’s the best approach alway release an app with some core function and add more features later!
    seems really cool and congrats in another awesome work Aurelius!
    Unfortunately I own an android so i can’t download it…
    Good luck with this project!

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