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Niche Site Experiment Update – First Earnings From AdSense

Niche Site Experiment Update

Welcome to the third Niche Site Experiment update where I share my journey of creating a site outside the typical “make money online” niche and turning it into a profitable business.

My goal is to apply what I’ve learned in Internet marketing to this site so you can see it unfold into a tangible, passive income earner.

You can view the previous Niche Site Experiment updates here:

The Update

Well, well, well…the past 30 days have been quite interesting after finally monetizing the site with AdSense (I’ll share with you its earnings below).

I’m glad it’s now monetized as it’s given me more motivation to push this site forward and turn it into a site that I would be truly proud of, not because it will make me money, but because it’s a resourceful site for those in this niche.

Traffic has definitely increased drastically. The site is now hitting over 100 visitors per day! Google has been very good to me and it’s great to see that it’s rewarding and recognizing quality sites.


Let’s get on to the stats…

Last 30 Days Traffic Stats

Here are the latest Analytics for the site, October 16 – November 15.

Unique Visitors: 4,366 (+3,328)
Avg. Visits Per Day: 131 (+96)
Pageviews: 5,737 (+4,363)

analytics oct - nov


In comparison to the previous 30 days, it has grown dramatically! Take a look:

analytics oct - nov compare

Bounce rate is very poor at 90.48%! This is expected as traffic is coming from search engines. Whereas if the traffic came from your regular readers, they already know and trust you.

With this niche, I noticed most traffic comes during Mondays to Thursdays. Weekends are relatively slower.

Top Traffic Sources

Where does this site’s traffic come from? Here are the top 10 traffic sources:

traffic sources oct-nov

Great to see a trickle of Pintrest traffic coming through!

A lot of other sources seem to be junk traffic. You can tell by the bounce rate – 100%!

Webmaster Tools

Another set of statistics I’d like to report is Google’s Webmaster Tools.

You’ll see the number of queries, impressions and clicks.

Webmaster tools Oct-Nov

Queries: 759 (+325)

Impressions: 24,603 (+14,828)

Clicks: 2,562 (+1,956)

The site has doubled in the number of keywords it’s ranking, attracting all those longer tail keywords! Exactly what I anticipated.

Queries means the number of keywords that people searched for where my page was shown in the Google results.

Impressions are the number of times my pages were displayed in the results.

Clicks are the numbers of times my pages were clicks from the results.

Search Engine Rankings

Let’s see where some of my keywords are ranked on Google:

Main Keywords
Keyword #1 rank: 27
Searches per month: 2400



Keyword #2 rank: 1
Searches per month: 1300



Other top keywords:

Keyword #3 rank: 30
Searches per month: 1600

Keyword #4 rank: 55
Searches per month: 1000


Longtail Keywords

Some additional data for longtail/lower searched terms.

Keyword #3 rank: 2
Searches per month: 260

Keyword #4 rank: 1
Searches per month: 110

Keyword #5 rank: 5
Searches per month: 210


Income Earned

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, I’ve started monetizing the site using Google AdSense. Why AdSense? It’s the easiest and fastest way to see its profitability.

In addition, I created the site because it has some decent payouts per click — up to $35.75 for one keyword! So indeed, it is a niche worth going after.

Here are the first earnings for the site from October 20 – November 15 (I started monetizing Oct 20):

Earnings Oct-Nov

In 26 days, it’s earned $50.14. It’s in Australian dollars which is almost the same as US dollars.

Not a bad start considering I’ve yet to optimize and tweak ad placements for better conversions.

Based on these numbers, it’s earning about $57 per month. Still a long way to go to reach my $1000 /month goal for this site.


The only expense at the moment is web hosting at $4.99 /month.

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Last Month’s Goals

  • Add 2000 words of content | Success
  • Test with some Facebook Ads | Failed
  • Continue with some blog commenting | Failed
  • Join related forums and participate | Success
  • Add social buttons to the site | Success

Next 30 Day Goals

  • Add 2000 words of content
  • Add an opt-in to build a list
  • Test with some Facebook Ads
  • Continue with some blog commenting
  • Continue forum marketing
  • Link building to improve rankings

Lessons And Takeaways

  • Patience is key. Always. Don’t rush into things. Don’t sabotage your site and buy thousands of links just to get your site ranked.
  • Always continue posting fresh content. More content equals more keywords you’ll potentially rank for.

Share Your Thoughts!

Feel free to let me know what you think about this month’s Niche Site Experiment update!


This Post Has 8 Comments
  1. I think you need to be a little more transparent with your expenses. Lets be realistic, it hasnt just cost $5 per month.

    Firstly you wrote 2000 words – If you wanted to outsource this to a QUALITY writer you are looking at $100 minimum. Now if you can write it yourself, then sure, you dont need to spend that, but you’ll still have to spend a considerable amount of time researching and writing 2000 words yourself. Time is money after all.

    Secondly you started an opt-in list. Great, but thats going to require some well written autoresponder to make money. Then there’s the problem of hosting all those contacts. Most good services charge you a monthly fee.

    Blog commenting/forum posting – you can outsource it for cheap but if you want quality responses that will actually make people want to click on your signature or profile then you’ll probably have to do it yourself. Doing this yourself, every day eats up more time.

    1. Hi Paul.

      Perhaps I should have clarified, and I’m going to have to disagree with some of your points.

      My expense is $5 /month for shared hosting, ongoing.

      The initial 2000 words of the content, I wrote myself, so indeed it did take my time, but I see it as an investment. I’ll tell you why in a minute. What I outlined are the physical expenses.

      I had hired writers that charge that rate of $100 per 2000 words or in other words $5 per 100 words, and I’ve also found writers who are industry experts and pay just $40 per 2000 words of SEO content. The results are much the same. I rank for multiple longtail keywords from both.

      An important step is to make sure you specify in detail how you want your article structured, how you want the keywords integrated, how many words should go under each subheadline, and more of these criterias that I use.

      It hasn’t just worked on this niche site that I’d reported, I’d also used the same specifications for other niches, too.

      But look at it this way, I’ve invested my time into writing that article and it’s now making passive income month after month. A wise choice of investing those 6-8 hours into researching and writing the content.

      Correction – I haven’t started an opt-in list yet, that was a goal for the next month which I’ve yet to integrate. Even so, if I did hire a writer to write the autoresponder messages, again I would only need to pay once, pre-load it and it’s set for good.

      I would have to disagree with “time is money”. My mentality is that I get paid for results, not time. This shift in thinking helps with how you do business and how you package your products and services.

      Thanks for your input on this subject.

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