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Stop Looking For That Magic Pill. There’s None.


I remember when I started out online and trying to learn more about this whole “Internet business” phenomenon.

I remember wanting someone to just rescue me and basically hand me everything I needed to know.

Little did I know there’s no “magic pill” to building a successful online business.

The gurus can tell you exactly what you need to do, but at the end of the day it’s all up to you to take action on what you have learned.

It’s like having the latest and greatest widget that saves a ton of time to automate some sort of manual task. If you don’t end up using it then this widget is pretty much useless to you.

Mindset Is Everything

And that is… your mentality, your habits, your attitude, your beliefs, how you act, how you think…it’s all part of your mindset.

Not to bring up religion here but I’m a big believer in faith, as in strong belief in something or someone. In my case for example, I have complete faith that what ever I’m working on is going to succeed.

If you’ve read ‘Think & Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, then this will all sound familiar to you. In fact, it dedicates an entire chapter just on faith.

It was the first book on self-help I read, and I’m so thankful for that.

Here’s a quote I like to keep around:

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase” –  Martin Luther King Jr.

Doesn’t it make sense if you simply put your mind to it, you’ll attract what you ultimately want in the end? I know it sounds cliche, but that’s the truth.

When I created my first ever successful website, I had no idea how I was going go about it. I didn’t know what tools to use and who to turn to, but some how I managed to make over $15,000 in sales in 48 hrs from the launch of the site.

What had happened was greater than what I expected…
  • The site reached 507 on the Alexa ranking, so only 506 other sites in the world had more traffic during that time!
  • I managed to generate over 6,000 new members in just 48 hours. That’s 6,000 members I never would have had, had I not launched the site.
  • I had top Internet entrepreneurs approaching me with joint-venture proposals.

I couldn’t believe it. From just a small idea I had which I had no clue on how I was going to do, to a five-figure launch. And this isn’t my way of bragging or boasting. I started out just like everyone else.

What I did have was a BURNINIG DESIRE. All I knew was that I wanted to make this website a success.

It became such a burning desire that I couldn’t sleep at night. I burned the bridges so that there was no turning back.

All I had to take was that very first step. The first step is DECIDING on what you want.

Once you’ve decided EXACTLY what you want, the next few steps will naturally flow from there. It’s as if you’re a magnet. Magic starts to happen. You will find ways of getting things done. You will find the right people to help you. You will overcome any obstacles you may encounter.

This quote may sound familiar to you: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

And it’s so true.

The bottom line is – the next time you’re faced with the latest hype out there, be sure you’ve set your goals and priorities right first.

What is it you wanna do? eBay? Flipping sites? Niche marketing? Blogging? There are many paths you can take, and there’s nothing entirely wrong with any of these methods.

I’ll put my hand up and admit that I am guilty of buying every single product and hype out there, but learned my lesson not to fall into that trap again.

I’m in this business to run a real business, not something that’s gonna make me a quick buck or two overnight.

The Key is to Focus On ONE System/Business Model

Work the system, exhaust it until you’ve proven to yourself that it either works or doesn’t work for you. If it’s something that works, then keep doing it again, and again, and again, until it doesn’t work anymore.

That’s exactly what I did to create my first ever successful website. I focused on just one system every step of the way until I saw results.

Be prepared to put in a lot of hard work, too. Anyone who says it’s easy isn’t telling you the truth.

Your life is purely determined by what you decide to do RIGHT NOW. Hey, we can’t predict the future, but we can control what we decide to do next. No one controls how you want to live your life.

It doesn’t matter if you fail the first time, because failure is just going to make you crave for success even more.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t get things right the first time…there’s no such thing as perfect.

What ever it is your pursuing, get up and go do it.

Much respect for you if you decide to take action today!

I hope this message has inspired you to keep going with your ventures.

If it has, let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. great and absolute truth!

    Thank you for this beautiful post, Aurelius.
    From time to time, we must study anchors the basic rules to make Online Business


  2. You are so right. It seems so hard to start in an online buisness .
    It is quite hard to find the confidence to suceed .

  3. So true, it is very trying to select which program, web host, or system to use. It is very confusing to get started even when you know what you want to do. It would be nice to have a magic pill but a little bit of guidance and direction is a little easier to swallow. Thanks again for your words of wisdom and keep up the good work.

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