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The “Help Getting Started?” Email Trick

You might be doing it the wrong way

It’s been said that you need to research your market first before you create a product/service or content like blog posts and videos.

In the past, I have made the mistake of doing it the other way around and later finding out that no one’s looking for it.

Here’s a cool trick you can use to learn more about what your subscribers want or need help with so that:

  1. You can create a product around their “problems”

  2. You’ll know exactly what to write about in your next blog post

  3. You’ll get into the minds of your prospects and see the exact words they are using to describe their pain/problem (helps when creating targeted ads and producing your content)

  4. You’ll gain trust from your subscribers because you’re being open and helpful

  5. You’ll establish yourself as an expert

  6. You’ll build engagement and a relationship right from the start

I like to call it the “Help getting started?” email trick.

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Here’s the download link to the PDF version of this post:


I hope you’re building a list to begin with! Otherwise, start now.

It’s So Simple, You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Do It Earlier

Take a look at this email I have pre-loaded into my autoresponder sequence (I sent it to myself):

This simple email has been helping me learn more about my subscribers so I can better target what topics, discussions and updates to talk about on my blog, newsletter and social networks.

I simply use as the subject line: [FIRSTNAME], help getting started?

The body reads:


It’s Aurelius Tjin.

I just wanted to reach out to see if you need help getting started with anything?”


– Aurelius”

It’s personal. It’s open. It shows that you’re here to help, not just to make a quick buck or two from your subscribers and only email them when you have something to sell.

It’s so effective that most reply back even if they don’t need help with anything. Their simple reply is: “Thanks Aurelius. When I do, I will let you know”.

Some of you may be thinking: “But I don’t have time to read and respond to the replies”. Well, wouldn’t that be a good thing? They are doing YOU a favor. I would rather sit, read and reply to each and every one of my subscribers emails to help them as much as I possibly can than to “guess” what they are having problems with.

Here’s How To Create This “Help Getting Started” Message

  1. In your favorite autoresponder service, create a new autoresponder message. In GetResponse, it’s here:

    Create new autoresponder
  2. You’ll then need to set the sequence number and when the message should go out. This is the secret ingredient really. Which ever autoresponder you use, make sure the message goes out 1 hour after your subscriber signs up.

    I looked to see if AWeber has the ability to send based on hours, but it looks like they don’t. You could get away sending it a day later in that case, however it would be better while they just signed up to your list an hour ago.Here’s how it should look like:
    autoresponder delay getresponse
  3. You’ll then need to add the actual email. Feel free to copy mine (check above).

Once you start receiving replies, make sure you actually respond to them! If you don’t, it’s like having someone shut a door in your face.

Whether you’re giving a free report away or getting people signed up to your membership site, add this message to your autoresponder sequence now and you’ll build a better business around your customers.

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Here’s the download link to the PDF version of this post:


You Thoughts?

What are some autoresponder/email marketing tips you’ve found to be helpful?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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  1. Great tip. It makes total sense to ask right at the beginning to jumpstart a relationship. I like simple and honest tactics like this. It has just been too complicated.

    I have really been dragging my feet on starting a list. Actually, I lost my mojo for the last 2 weeks. Somehow, this short video inspired me again. Thanks much!

    1. Yes, it’s simple (probably the 10th time I’ve used that word in this post).

      Yes, some times it’s just that small kick you need to get yourself out of that slump.

      Get to a quiet place to clear your mind and think about what the next time is you need to take. Weird but true, I get my best ideas in the shower.

  2. Thanks for a really good tip here. It beats the generic ‘here is your download link’ hands down. This is the blog I have been looking for for a long time – so glad I found it. Great reading and thanks for “Just The Meat”.

    1. You should also provide an email with the download link but this message should go out an hour after.

      Glad you liked Just The Meat!

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