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What Type Of Membership Site Should You Start? Here Are 5 Ideas

Membership Site IdeasAre you thinking about running your own membership website?

What most likely attracted you to start your own membership site is it’s residual income opportunity.

You get members paying you every single month rather than a one off purchase. It’s powerful.

The biggest problem I honestly think that’s is stopping people from starting their own membership site is coming up with an idea.

Are These Reasons Stopping You From Starting Your Own Membership Site?

  • What type of membership site should I run?
  • What content should I provide?
  • How do I come up with great content?
  • How do I make sure I’m giving lots of value to keep members paying me?

It’s easy to get turned off because of these questions.

When I first heard about membership sites, I didn’t have a clue as to what I should provide inside the members area. I knew I wanted a more stable source of income rather than promoting product after product.

Questions To Ask Yourself To Brainstorm Membership Site Ideas

Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you brainstorm some membership site ideas:

  • “What content do I already have which could be re-purposed?”
  • “What am I an expert in?”
  • “What is a subject I love talking about so much that I would never run out of topics to talk about?”
  • “What do a lot of people ask me about?”
  • “Why do people I’ve never spoken to in a while call me out of the blue?”. In most cases, it’s because they need your help on a particular “thing” you know a lot about.

5 Membership Site Ideas You Can Model

Now that that exercise got your brain jogging, here are the types of membership sites you could potentially start:

  1. Provide a special report/case study/interview every month. It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in, you can provide a valuable report, case study or interview inside your membership area.

  2. Provide a product or products your members can resell every month. This, of course, would attract resellers and Internet marketers who want to profit from ready-made products. It’s a model that’s worked great for me since I create and sell private label rights products.

  3. SaaS site or also known as Software-As-A-Service website. You’ve seen them around. Basically it can be a tool that is used by logging into their website. For example, ViralPLR is a website Frank Bauer and I created where members sign up to get a new, resellable product every month.

    They can then use our tools to customize the product with their details. This is a membership site that provides a service. This type of membership site does take more time, effort and money to start and maintain because of the development costs and running expenses. It really depends how complex you want it to be.

  4. Drip-fed membership site or also known as a micro membership site. This is not so much an idea but rather a membership mechanism for running your membership site. It’s surely my favorite type of membership site to run because it’s so easy, fast, low cost and requires very little maintenance.The concept of a drip-feed membership site is that you pre-load content, just like an autoresponder. In fact, you use an autoresponder to deliver your content. That way, you don’t need membership scripts and worry about all those technical parts.

  5. Community/social based membership site. With this type of membership site, you setup some type of social platform, like a forum. Your members will get access to your forum, and it’s a great way to communicate closely with your members. Alternatively, you could setup a private Google+ Community and only invite those who have access. This would be ideal if you want to setup some type of mastermind/inner circle group.

You could even combine the methods above to deliver a crazy membership site providing a ton of value.

Of course, take into consideration that you shouldn’t over-commit otherwise you’d be pressured to always making sure you have content in your membership, and content that’s top stuff.

Besides, isn’t the point of creating a membership site to give you that freedom?

With which ever membership idea you go for, top it up with some cool bonuses, and your members will be happy campers 🙂

I hope that’s given you some inspiration and ideas to starting your own profitable membership site.

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This Post Has 5 Comments
  1. I enjoyed your post here!

    Membership sites do seem difficult to put into place, but with
    with research and thought it can be accomplished efficently and
    effectivly easier than most think.

    Trial memberships or free limited access are other good options.

    1. Thanks, Steve.

      Yes, it’s not easy at first, but once you find a system that works well for you, it’s easier afterwards.

  2. Great post for those who haven’t found a topic or model for a membership site. My problem is a bit different. I have several ideas for various sites, but I can’t decide on which software to use. I need something that is under $200, has no monthly fees, is full featured, and is easy to install. Any suggestions would be welcome.

    Scott Shannon

    1. Yes, there are plenty out their such as WishList Member and aMember which can do the job for around your price.

      I’m currently creating my own membership plug-in which is a WordPress plug-in. Not much setting up to do. You simply upload it as a plug-in via your WordPress blog and it becomes a membership site. There are a lot more features, but you’ll hear more about it later on.

      Make sure to check out and Like my Facebook Page which is where I post regular updates on my projects, including this membership plug-in: http://facebook.com/AureliusPage

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